Oil and Gas Technology (PhD)

Organization Technical University of Georgia

Leader: Giorgi Durglishvili

Teaching Language: Georgian

Country: Georgia

URL https://gtu.ge/Mining/en/pdf/doctoral/Oil-and-Gas-Technology.pdf

Participants Nodar Poporadze


The purpose of the program is to enable the doctoral student to deepen his/her knowledge and to be capable to independently perform scientific-research and practical activities related to oil and gas exploration, drilling and production, which will be based on the hydro-geological, geo-chemical, geophysical studies and modern drilling technologies. Doctoral student must study the detailed oil-and-gas regional distribution of Georgia, identify new oil-and-gas exploration areas and evaluate reserves within the identified structures according to the established categories; in addition, perform research with the application of the modern methodologies in oil and gas field development, well production, and stimulation of the productive formation; independently take correct and effective decisions to solve the problems in specific circumstances.