Long Ureteric Stricture Replacement By Buccal Mucosa Graft: An Armenian Experience Case Series Report

Keywords: Ureteric strictures buccal mucosa grafting ureteroplasty
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Factors Associated With Loss to Follow-Up Among People With Tuberculosis in the Country of Georgia: a Cohort Study

Keywords: Tuberculosis pulmonary tuberculosis loss to follow-up
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Risk Factors for Children's Blood Lead Levels in Metal Mining and Smelting Communities in Armenia: a Cross-Sectional Study

Keywords: Blood lead level Children Smelting Metal Mining Lead exposure Lead contamination
Title of journal: BMC Public Health
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Loss and Psychosocial Factors As Determinants of Quality of Life in a Cohort of Earthquake Survivors

Keywords: Earthquake Quality of life Psychopathology Material loss Social support
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People-Centred Care Versus Clinic–based DOT for Continuation Phase TB Treatment in Armenia: a Cluster Randomized Trial

Keywords: Patient-Centreed care Tuberculosis Counselling
Title of journal: BMC Pulmonary Medicine
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Predictors of Permanent Emigration in a Long-Term Cohort of Spitak Earthquake Survivors in Armenia

Keywords: Armenia Migration Self-selection Post-earthquake cohort
Title of journal: International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction
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