Organization Technical University of Georgia

Leader: Tamar Loladze

Teaching Language: English

Country: Georgia




The objective of Metallurgy undergraduate program is to prepare modern, competitive, practice-oriented highly qualified specialists with engineering education background in the field of metallurgy. Program objective is to train the students in core functional elements, that is: metallurgy of ferrous metals and alloys, ferroalloys, nonferrous metals, rare metals and their alloys. The labor market for metallurgy specialists is widely represented in Georgia by such industries as cast iron and ferroalloy production, steel metallurgy, operation and organization of non-ferrous metals new enterprises. Such a wide spectrum, importance of the industry and high demands on the professionals in Georgia as well as in the world makes qualified engineers and metallurgists competitive on the employment market. This program provides students with knowledge and skills to help them to further enhance their education and contribute to the socio-economic development.