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Department Institut des Sciences de l’Évolution Montpellier (ISEM) Laboratoire de Géologie Structurale


Hervé Philip Sebastien Joannin Samira Rebaï Mary Robles Marie-Stephane Tixier Laurent Bouby

The Caucasus: an actual example of the initial stages of continental collision
Active tectonics in the Lesser Caucasus: Coexistence of compressive and extensional structures
Volcanic hazards in the region of the Armenian Nuclear Power Plant
Recent stress-field evolution in the Lesser Caucasus and adjacent regions
GPS constraints on continental deformation in the Armenian region and Lesser Caucasus
Active faulting and natural hazards in Armenia, eastern Turkey and northwestern Iran
Holocene-historical volcanism and active faults as natural risk factors for Armenia and adjacent countries
Vegetation, fire and climate history of the Lesser Caucasus: a new Holocene record from Zarishat fen (Armenia).
The Upper Palaeolithic site of Kalavan 1 (Armenia): An Epigravettian settlement in the Lesser Caucasus
Shamb travertine, Armenia : evidence of rapid climatic and morphogenic changes around 9000 cal.BP in Lesser Caucasus
Early Pleistocene climate cycles in continental deposits of the Lesser Caucasus of Armenia inferred from palynology, magnetostratigraphy, and 40Ar/39Ar dating
First Pollen Record from the Late Holocene Forest Environment in the Lesser Caucasus
Active tectonics in the Lesser Caucasus: Coexistence of compressive and extensional structures
Impact of Climate Changes on Vegetation and Human Societies During the Holocene in the South Caucasus (Vanevan, Armenia): a Multiproxy Approach Including Pollen, NPPs and BrGDGTs
Integrated Taxonomy Supports the Identification of Some Species of Phytoseiidae (Acari: Mesostigmata) from Georgia
Tracking the History of Grape Cultivation in Georgia Combining Geometric Morphometrics and Ancient DNA