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Abbreviation: CNRS

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Christine Chataigner Jwana Chahoud Carlos Tornero

Obsidian sources in the regions of erzurum and kars (North-East Turkey): New data
Environments and Societies in the Southern Caucasus during the Holocene
New Data on the Exploitation of Obsidian in the Southern Caucasus (Armenia, Georgia) and Eastern Turkey, Part 2: Obsidian Procurement from the Upper Palaeolithic to the Late Bronze Age
Obsidian-tempered pottery in the Southern Caucasus: A new approach to obsidian as a ceramic-temper
Tufa and travertine of the Lesser Caucasus: a light on the Quaternary palaeoenvironment of the Circumcaspian regions
Godedzor, a Late-Ubaid-related settlement in the southern Caucasus
From the Late Upper Paleolithic to the Neolithicin north-western Armenia: Preliminary results
New data on the exploitation of obsidian in the southern Caucasus (Armenia, Georgia) and eastern Turkey, Part 1: Source characterization
The Upper Palaeolithic site of Kalavan 1 (Armenia): An Epigravettian settlement in the Lesser Caucasus
Base level changes, river avulsions and Holocene human settlement dynamics in the Caspian Sea area (middle Kura valley, South Caucasus)
A comprehensive study on chronology of transcaucasian obsidian bearing volcanics using fission-track dating methods
An international research project on Armenian archaeological sites: fission-track dating of obsidians
New data on the late prehistory of the Southern Caucasus
Kites on the margins. The Aragats kites in Armenia
The diversity of Late Pleistocene and Holocene wild ungulates and kites structures in Armenia
The altitudinal mobility of wild sheep at the Epigravettian site of Kalavan 1 (Lesser Caucasus, Armenia): Evidence from a sequential isotopic analysis in tooth enamel