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The Influence of Social Media Discussion on Son Preference in Azerbaijan: Reinforcing Norms, Bargaining With Patriarchy, Space for Dissent
The Affordances of Social Networking Sites for Relational Maintenance in a Distrustful Society: the Case of Azerbaijan
The Best Defense Is a Good Offense: the Role of Social Media in the Current Crackdown in Azerbaijan
The Effect of the Internet on Civic Engagement Under Authoritarianism: the Case of Azerbaijan
The Language Divide — the Persistence of English Proficiency As a Gateway to the Internet: the Cases of Armenia, Azerbaijan, & Georgia
Two Can Play At That Game: Social Media Opportunities in Azerbaijan for Government and Opposition
No Laughing Matter Humor As a Means of Dissent in the Digital Era: the Case of Authoritarian Azerbaijan
The Challenges of Electoral Competition in An Oil Rich State: Azerbaijani Pre-Election Report
Transnational Families in Armenia and Information Communication Technology Use
ICT Diffusion in the Republic of Armenia
The Roles of Communication and Trust in Reported Compliance With Police in Armenia and the United States
Convergence Through Mobile Peer-to-Peer File Sharing in the Republic of Armenia
Political Institutional Trust in the Post-Attempted-Coup Republic of Armenia