Andrey Gorbatikov

Keywords : tectonics Rocks Deep structure Mountain relief Morphology Seismic

Country : Russia

Organization : Russian Academy of Sciences

Department : Institute of Physics of the Earth

ResearchGate profile :


Deep Structure and Volcanic Activity of Mount Elbrus and a Portion of the Elbrus–Tyrnyauz Valley: Geological and Geophysical Data 2016 Doklady Earth Sciences

The pattern of deep structure and recent tectonics of the Greater Caucasus in the Ossetian sector from the complex geophysical data 2015 Izvestiya Physics of the Solid Earth

The structure of the Vladikavkaz Fault Zone based on the study utilizing a complex of geological-geophysical methods 2010 Seismic Instruments

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Model of the Deep Structure of the Elbrus Volcano in the Light of New Geophysical Data 2018 Doklady Earth Sciences

Velocities of Present-Day Horizontal Movements in the Central Sector of the Greater Caucasus according to GPS Observations and Their Relation to Tectonics and the Deep Structure of the Earth’s Crust 2018 Doklady Earth Sciences

Modern Horizontal Movements in the Zones of Strong and Moderate Earthquakes of the Early 21st Century in the Central Sector of the Greater Caucasus: Characteristics Inferred from GPS Observations and Connection with Neotectonics and Deep Structure of the Earth’s Crust 2019 Izvestiya - Atmospheric and Ocean Physics