Irina Bushueva

Keywords : Remote sensing Mountain glaciers maps reconstructions

Country : Russia

Organization : Russian Academy of Sciences

Department : Institute of Geography

Biography :

Glaciology Department



2010 - 2013 – PhD student of Institute of Geography RAS (department of glaciology)

2005 - 2010 – geographical faculty of Moscow State University, department of Cartography and Geoinformatics


Since June of 2009 work at Institute of Geography Russia Academy of Science (department of glaciology), Moscow, Russia.

Since October 2011 work at CJST Reseach and Production "BARL", Moscow, Russia.

In summer 2008 (3 months) worked at Institute of Digital Image Processing, Remote Sensing Group, Joanneum Research, Graz, Austria.


Theme of PhD thesis - Assessment of Fluctuations of glaciers in the Central and Western Caucasus over the last 200 years Using Cartographic, Historic and Proxy Data

Theme of diploma - Using of cartographical method and proxy data for reconstructions of glaciers in Prielbrusie


Caucasus, Svalbard, Polar Ural, Subpolar Ural, Vologda, Saratov and Smolensk districts, Khibini.


English, French, Russian (active)


  • Bushueva I.S., Solomina O.N., Jomelli V. History of Alibek Glacier based on Earth remote sensing images, bioindication and cosmogenic isopotes (14C and 10Be) //Ice and Snow, 55, 3, 2015. P. 97-106. doi:10.15356/2076-6734-2015-3-97-106 (in Russian)
  • P. W. Leclercq, J. Oerlemans, H. J. Basagic, I. Bushueva, A. J. Cook and R. Le Bris A data set of worldwide glacier length fluctuations // The Cryosphere, 8, 659-672, 2014 doi:10.5194/tc-8-659-2014
  • Solomina O.N., Kalugin M.U., Aleksandrin M.U., Bushueva I.S., Darin A.V., Dolgova E.A., Jomelli V., Ivanov M.N., Matskovskiy V.V., Ovchinnikov D.V., Pavlova I.O., Razumovskiy L.V., Chepurnaya Drilling sediments of Lake. Karakel (River valley,Teberda) and prospects for reconstruction of the history of glaciation and Holocene climate in the Caucasus // Ice and Scow, 2 (122), 2013. P. 102-111 (in Russian)
  • Shahgedanova M., Nosenko G., Bushueva I., Ivanov M. Changes in area and geodetic mass balance of small glaciers, Polar Urals, Russia, 1950-2008 // Journal of Glaciology, Volume 58, Number 211, September 2012 , pp. 953-964(12).
  • Bushueva I.S., Solomina O.N. Fluctuations of Kashkatash glacier over last 400 years using cartographic, dendrochronologic and lichonometric data// Ice and Snow, 2 (118), 2012. P. 121-130 (in Russian)
  • Solomina O.N., Bushueva I.S., Kuderina T.M., Matskovsky V.V., KudikovA.V. Holocene history of Ullukam glacier//Ice and Snow, 1 (117), 2012. P.85-94 (in Russian)
  • Satellite Monitoring and Regional Analysis of Glacier Dynamics (SMARAGD) edited by I.Sharov // Reproteam Digital- und Großformatdruck, 2010. 100 p. ISBN 978-3-200-0168-7

and more than 20 conference presentations and abstracts