Dragan Antic

Dragan Antic

Keywords : Systematics Taxonomy Entomology Zoology

Country : Serbia

Organization : University of Belgrade

Department :

Email : dragan.antic@bio.bg.ac.rs

ResearchGate profile : https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Dragan-Antic

Biography :

Dragan deals with taxonomy, systematics, biogeography, phylogeny and semiochemistry of Diplopoda and Chilopoda. His current projects are: 1. The millipedes of Azerbaijan 2. The millipedes of north Iran 3. Revision of the family Anthroleucosomatidae 4. Review of the cave-dwelling millipedes from the Balkan Peninsula 5. Cave-dwelling Lithobiomorpha from the Balkan Peninsula 6. Cave-dwelling millipedes from Turkey 7. New Bacillidesmus 8. The genus Stygiiulus.