Baku State University

Status: State University

Abbreviation: BSU

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Address 23 Zahid Khalil, Baku, Azerbaijan,

Contact Person Abel Maharramov (Rector), Nizameddin Isgenderov (Nizameddin Isgenderov)

Department Department of Geodesy and Cartography Physical Geography


Magsad Gojamanov Elbrus Alizade Vugar Dargahov Farda Imanov Ismat Ahmadov Nazim Imamverdiyev Chingiz Ismayilov Baba Zadeh Vasif Murad Asadov

The features of the use of gis technologies for monitoring of the situation of main water lines in Azerbaijan
Intensity of landslips in mountain geosystems of Azerbaijan and its estimation
Structure of hazardous geomorphological processes on Minor Caucasus (within Azerbaijan)
Some characteristic of eco-and engineering-geomorphological estimations of the northeast slope of the major Caucasus (within the limits of Azerbaijan)
The assessment of landscape and environmental risks and hazards caused by landslides in mountain areas
Problems of balanced development of the ecodynamical intense of mountain geosystems of the Azerbaijan part of the Great Caucasus
Morphostructures of Azerbaijan: formation and differentiation
Landscape-geomorphological estimation of recreational potential of mountain geosystems (On the example of the Azerbaijan part of the Greater Caucasus)
Investment opportunities of tourism industry in Azerbaijan and its regions
Assessing the water resources and ecological state of the Samur river (Eastern Caucasus)
Scientific sources of the ecological education and its development in Azerbaijan
Geochemistry and tectonics of Cenozoic volcanism in the Lesser Caucasus (Azerbaijan) and the peri-Arabian region: collision-induced mantle dynamics and its magmatic fingerprint
Petrogenesis of the Late Cenozoic collision volcanism in the central part of the Lesser Caucasus (Azerbaijan)
Lesser Caucasus and East Iran: some data on geology; tectonics related to the African superPlume, melt and fluid inclusions; some questions on metallogeny and hydrocarbons ( oil, HC )
New Perspective Reza Gold Deposit (Gedabek Ore District, Lesser Caucasus, Azerbaijan)
Geochemical Anomalies in the NW Flank of Gedabek Mine (Lesser Caucasus, Azerbaijan)
Geochemical Anomalies in the NW Flank of Gedabek Mine (Lesser Caucasus, Azerbaijan)
Turkey-Russian Competition in the South Caucasus After the Azerbaijan-Armenian War