History (PhD)

Organization University of Georgia

Leader: Zurab Batiashvili, Manana Sanadze & Tsira Chikvaidze

Teaching Language: Georgian

Country: Georgia

URL https://online.ug.edu.ge/programs/programs_full.php?programID[]=327&lang=eng



The program aims at training a highly qualified specialist in various sub-fields of history (history of Georgia, history of the Middle East, modern and contemporary history of European and American countries - depending on the choice of the doctoral candidate), who can: 

  • Independently conduct scientific research, thus contribute to the production and implementation of newly acquired knowledge in the field of history as well as to the development of the field of history in Georgia, its internationalization and integration in international academic circles;
  • Prepare and teach separate disciplines of the field in higher educational institution;
  • Be competitive in the labor market.