History of Georgia (MSc)

Organization University of Georgia

Leader: Manana Sanadze

Teaching Language: Georgian

Country: Georgia

URL https://online.ug.edu.ge/programs/programs_full.php?programID[]=160&lang=eng



The program aims at training a highly qualified specialist with professional practical skills in the history of Georgia. The program, applying modern methods of teaching history and based on the contemporary knowledge of the discipline, ensures the training of a specialist with certain research skills and competencies, who will have a deep and systematic knowledge of the field and the skills to act adequately in a multidisciplinary environment. The master-degree holder in history will be able to pursue his/her studies at the third level of higher education, in doctorate and/or to be employed in almost all fields related to service and communication: state and non-governmental structures of various profiles, international and non-governmental organizations, foundations, libraries, public service, local and regional administrations, history and ethnology Institute, archives, museums, National Agency for Cultural Heritage Preservation of Georgia, National Center of Manuscripts, tourism and mass media, publishing houses, etc.