British Studies

Organization British Teaching University in Georgia

Teaching Language: English

Country: Georgia




The aim of the Master in British Studies programme is:

  • To give students an in-depth, multidisciplinary knowledge of British studies, to develop the skills and knowledge to be able to conduct freely the legal, economic, business or other relations and communications of the United Kingdom;  
  • To prepare a graduate who will have a deep and thorough knowledge of British literature as well as the legal system of the United Kingdom; Business environment; Economy; Political arrangement and structure; Education system; About history;
  • To give the graduate a thorough knowledge of research methods and to develop research skills.

Student after completing a master in British Studies:

  • Critically comprehends the UK legal framework, business environment, economic and political system, history and education system;
  • Evaluates and reviews the best examples of British literature, based on their in-depth and thorough knowledge;
  • Analyzes the current economic and political relations and challenges of the United Kingdom and its role in Europe and the world;
  • Analyzes British literature from economic, social and various theoretical perspectives and draws conclusions that reflect social and ethical responsibilities;
  • Formulates recommendations for solving complex problems related to the British business, economic-political, education system;
  • Argues its own conclusions before the academic and non-academic community, orally and in writing;
  • Conducts multidisciplinary research independently, using the latest approaches, adhering to the principles of academic good faith, and conducts its own teaching in a multidisciplinary learning environment.