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Alexi Gugushvili Maia Chankseliani Stephen Neil MacFarlane Tamara Dragadze Paul Wordsworth Thomas Higham Victoria Cullen Joyce Ho Nina Taylor-Terlecka Nyree Manoukian

Political Economy of Old-age Pension Reforms in Georgia
Understanding Poverty in Georgia
Self-interest, Perceptions of Transition and Welfare Preferences in the New Eastern Europe and the South Caucasus
“Money can’t buy me land”: Foreign land ownership regime and public opinion in a transition society
Cartographies of Stalin: Place, Scale, and Reputational Politics
Collective Memory, National Identity, and Contemporary Georgian Perspectives on Stalin and the Soviet Past
Explaining trust in local government: The case of the Southern Caucasus
Social Origin, Education and Occupation in Georgia
Social Stratification in Less Successful Post-socialist Societies: Twenty Years After
Stalin is dead, long live Stalin? Testing socialization, structural, ideological, nationalist, and gender hypotheses
Ascriptive Inequality and Life Chances in Georgia
How Globalisation Shapes Public Policy? A Case of Azerbaijan
The Effect of the 2008 War on Estonian Public Confidence in International Organisations: A Mixed Methods Study
Material Deprivation and the District Level Outcomes of the 2012 Parliamentary Elections in Georgia
The (non) Reform of the Georgian Pension system, 1991-2011: A Brief History and Update
Unconditional love? Exploring hometown effect in Stalin's birthplace
Stalin Today: Contending with the Soviet Past in Georgia
Rural disadvantage in Georgian higher education admissions: A mixed-methods study
Higher Education Access in Post-Soviet Georgia
The financial burden of attending university in Georgia: Implications for rural students
Georgia: Marketization and Education Post-1991
Spatial Inequities in Higher Education Admissions in Georgia: Likelihood of Choosing and Gaining Access to Prestigious Higher Education Institutions
Mixed-methods study of higher education access in Georgia: does location matter?
Procrustean decisions in higher education admissions: The case of Georgia
International student mobility from Russia, Eastern Europe, Caucasus, and Central Asia to the UK: trends, institutional rationales and strategies for student recruitment
Georgian rural reality: an empirical snapshot
Using service-learning activities for civic identity formation
Private school enrolments: Are post-Soviet countries travelling on Friedman's roadmap?
Security and development in the Caucasus
Democratization, Nationalism and Regional Security in the Southern Caucasus
Post-Revolutionary Georgia on the Edge
Georgia: National Security Concept versus National Security
Two Years of the Dream: Georgian Foreign Policy During the Transition
International Engagement and the Governance of Ethnic Diversity in Georgia
Colliding state-building projects and regional insecurity in post-soviet space: Georgia versus Russia in South Ossetia
The Evolution of US Policy towards the Southern Caucasus
Report on Chechnya
Rural Families in Soviet Georgia: A Case Study in Ratcha Province
The Dramatic Abandonment of a Late-Antique Settlement in the South Caucasus: The First Archaeological Findings from Qaratəpə, Bərdə Rayon, Azerbaijan
Approaches to Understanding Provincial Structure in the Early Islamic Caucasus: Historic Landscape Characterisation in the Kura Plain
To the North and the South, Through the Great Caucasus Mountains
Radiocarbon Dating, Stable Isotope Analysis, and Diet-Derived Offsets in 14C Ages from the Klin-Yar Site, Russian North Caucasus
A revised AMS and tephra chronology for the Late Middle to Early Upper Paleolithic occupations of Ortvale Klde, Republic of Georgia
Spatial Investigation of Technological Choice and Recycling in Copper-base Metallurgy of the South Caucasus
Western Travellers in the Caucasus. Georgia’s Highways and Byways: Hotels, Inns & Taverns in the 19th Century
Diverse Dietary Practices Across the Early Bronze Age 'Kura-Araxes Culture' in the South Caucasus