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Tatiana Karafet Adam Forte Hervé Rezeau

Extensive genome-wide autozygosity in the population isolates of Daghestan
Coevolution of genes and languages and high levels of population structure among the highland populations of Daghestan
Different waves and directions of Neolithic migrations in the Armenian Highland
Subducted, Detached, and Torn Slabs Beneath the Greater Caucasus
Drainage Network Reveals Patterns and History of Active Deformation in the Eastern Greater Caucasus
Decoupling of Modern Shortening Rates, Climate, and Topography in the Caucasus
Late Cenozoic Deformation of the Kura Fold-thrust Belt, Southern Greater Caucasus
Transition from a Singly- to Doubly-vergent Wedge in a Young Orogen: the Greater Caucasus
Relict Basin Closure and Crustal Shortening Budgets During Continental Collision: An Example from Caucasus Sediment Provenance
Orogen-scale Structural Architecture and Potential Seismic Sources Resulting from Cenozoic Closure of a Relict Mesozoic Ocean Basin in the Greater Caucasus
Magnitude of Shortening in the Western Kura Fold-thrust Belt, Georgia
Investigation of Neotectonic Deformation in the Eastern Part of the Caucasus Intermountain Area, Kura Fold-Thrust Belt, Georgia
Structural Geometries and Magnitude of Shortening in the Eastern Kura Fold-thrust Belt, Azerbaijan: Implications for the Development of the Greater Caucasus Mountains
Low Variability, Snowmelt Runoff Inhibits Coupling of Climate, Tectonics, and Topography in the Greater Caucasus
Active Deformation and Plio-Pleistocene Fluvial Reorganization of the Western Kura Fold–thrust Belt, Georgia: Implications for the Evolution of the Greater Caucasus Mountains
Low Variability Runoff Inhibits Coupling of Climate, Tectonics, and Topography in the Greater Caucasus
Incremental Growth of Mid- to Upper-Crustal Magma Bodies During Arabia–Eurasia Convergence and Collision: A Petrological Study of the Calc-Alkaline to Shoshonitic Meghri–Ordubad Pluton (Southern Armenia and Nakhitchevan, Lesser Caucasus)
30 Myr of Cenozoic Magmatism Along the Tethyan Margin During Arabia–Eurasia Accretionary Orogenesis (Meghri–Ordubad Pluton, Southernmost Lesser Caucasus)
Long-Lived, Stationary Magmatism and Pulsed Porphyry Systems During Tethyan Subduction to Post-Collision Evolution in the Southernmost Lesser Caucasus, Armenia and Nakhitchevan