Organization University of Georgia

Leader: Tinatin Mosiashvili

Teaching Language: Georgian

Country: Georgia




The goal of the Bachelor Program of Tourism is to train/prepare competent/qualified and competitive specialists who in regarding of specifics of the field will have a thorough theoretical knowledge of tourism-recreational resources, environmental and cultural heritage significance, role and functions, and skills to design tourism products, made up plans for tours/excursions. Ability to prepare and report on challenges and key trends in tourism in both Georgian and English languages. Graduates will be aware of civic responsibility towards society and the state, respect for culture and traditions. Tourism program Alumni (the Bachelor of Tourism Program) can be employed both in-state/public agencies (Museums, Protected Areas, National Tourism Administration, National Agency for Cultural Heritage Preservation Georgia, Resorts, etc.) as well as in private sectors (Travel agency, hotel, etc.) and occupy the positions of managers at lower or middle levels or under the positions of a specialist/chief specialist. The Bachelor of Tourism program may continue studying at the second level under the directions specified in the Higher Education Qualification Framework.