Thematic Session 18 - Climate Change II


Chair: Nina Shatberashvili, Caucasus Network for Sustainable Development of Mountain Regions, Sustainable Caucasus, Ilia State University


The impact of climate change on the west coasts of the Caspian Sea Jamal HUSEYNOV
Change in glacier area and number in Georgia from repeat inventories Levan TIELIDZE, Lela GADRANI
Changes in Caucasus glaciers during the 20th and 21st centuries Tatiana KHROMOVA, Gennady NOSENKO
Studying the relationships and spatio-temporal distribution of urban heat and green spaces using remote sensing data Shushanik ASMARYAN, Vahagn MURADYAN, Garegin TEPANOSYAN, Azatuhi HOVSEPYAN, Armen SAGHATELYAN
Evaluating vehicle GHG-emission pollutants using Copert-4 software programme to model the pollution zones in the city of Sumgait in Azerbaijan Sadig HASANOV, Hokman MAHMUDOV