Thematic Session 15 - Climate Change Impacts on Biodiversity


Chair: Mary Kate Ugrekhelidze, Lecturer and Researcher, School of Natural Sciences and Medicine, Ilia State University


Changing alpine plant communities and soils in the Teberda Nature Reserve under climate change conditions Mikhail MAKAROV, Tatiana MALYSHEVA, Maxim KADULIN, Rida SABIROVA, Vladimir ONIPCHENKO, Alexandra AKSENOVA
Impact of trophic status and climate change on the benthic community in Lake Sevan, Armenia Karen JENDEREDJIAN, Susanna HAKOBYAN
Climate diversity of the Caucasus Erkan YıLMAZ
A bioclimatic characterization of high-elevation habitats in the Alborz mountains of Iran Jalil NOROOZI, Christian KÖRNER
Climate change effects in the mountain regions of the North Caucasus Vera VINOGRADOVA