The Masters Degree Program in Applied Genetics

Organization Ilia State University

Leader: David Tarkhnishvili

Teaching Language: Georgian, English

Country: Georgia


Participants Cort Anderson , Marine Murtskhvaladze David Tarkhnishvili


The Master’s degree program in Applied Genetics will train students to an international standard, incorporating current biomolecular technology. Quite simply, use of biotechnology, in particular molecular genetics applications, is now ubiquitous in commerce and research.

Program intends that students understand the utility of genetics-based technology. Whether or not they go on to use these skills in their subsequent careers, these students will be informed consumers of this technology--they will be better able to deploy the technology appropriately themselves, and evaluate information that has been generated by others using biotechnology.

Through a combination of lectures, laboratory- and field-based training, students will learn not just concepts, but actual practice and procedures of applied genetics. The materials taught in this program will prepare students for careers in agricultural, industrial, or biomedical genetics applications, as well as molecular ecology and evolution.

Entry requirements:

•BA degree diploma or equivalent

•English language certificate (equivalent to B2 level)


Application documents:

•BA degree diploma or equivalent

•English language certificate (equivalent to B2 level)


•Motivation letter