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The Upper Paleolithic Settlement of the Armenian Highlands

Keywords: Paleolithic Settlement Southern Caucasus Armenian Highlands

Year: 2014

Author: Andrew Kandel, Boris Gasparyan, S. Nahepetyan, A. Taller, Lior Weissbrod,

Ptghni: A new obsidian source in the Hrazdan River basin, Armenia

Keywords: obsidian Hrazdan River Southern Caucasus Armenia

Year: 2017 Volume: 14

Author: Ellery Frahm, Keith Wilkinson, Emily J Beverly, Daniel Adler, Boris Gasparyan, Other autors

Dating the Early Middle Palaeolithic Laminar Industry from Djruchula Cave, Republic of Georgia

Keywords: Middle Palaeolithic Southern Caucasus Radiometric Dating Laminar Assemblages

Year: 2010 Volume: 36

Author: Norbert Mercier, Hélène Valladas, Liliane Meignen, J.-L. Joron, Nikoloz Tushabramishvili, Other autors