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Snail Assemblages in Holocene Floodplain Research –An Example from the Southern Caucasus

Keywords: Snails Holocene Alazani River Georgia Southern Caucasus

Year: 2020 Volume: 69

Author: Mariam Eloshvili, Marcel Bliedtner, Hans Von Suchodoletz, Christiane Richter, Frank Walther, Other autors

Genetic Structure of the Herd By Genes Gdf9, Gh, Cast in Merino Sheep of the North Caucasus Region of Russia

Keywords: Genetic structure genes sheep North Caucasus

Year: 2021 Volume: 677

Author: Nadezhda Shirokova, A. Yu. Kolosov, Yu. A. Kolosov, L. V. Getmantseva, N. F. Bakoev, Other autors