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Materials on the Fauna of Micetobiont and Mycetophilic Beetles (Coleoptera) Ciscaucasus

Keywords: Micota Mycetophages Mycetobionts Coleoptera Ciscaucasia

Year: 2019 Volume: 6

Author: Sergey Pushkin, V. N. Belous, Magomed Khavazhievich Alikhadzhiev, R. S. Erzhapova, Nataliya Bagrikova,

Coleoptera Fauna Beetles of Nest Birds of the Northern Caucasus

Keywords: Nidicolous Bird nest Beetles Coleoptera

Year: 2021 Volume: 8

Author: Sergey Pushkin, Bohdan Tsymbal, Galyna Fesenko, Tetiana Fesenko,