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Evidence for ∼80–75Ma subduction jump during Anatolide–Tauride–Armenian block accretion and ∼48Ma Arabia–Eurasia collision in Lesser Caucasus–East Anatolia

Keywords: Lesser caucasus Neotethys obduction Accretion
Title of journal: Journal of Geodynamics
Year: 2012 Volume: 56-57 Pages: 76-85

Author: Yann Rolland, Dogan Perincek, Nuretdin KAYMAKCI, Marc Sosson, Eric Barrier, Other autors

Monitoring crustal deformations in the Northern Caucasus using a high precision long base laser strainmeter and the GPS/GLONASS network

Keywords: Crustal deformations Laser strainmeter Magmatic structures of Elbrus Volcano GPS observations
Title of journal: Journal of Geodynamics
Year: 2010 Volume: 49 Pages: 216–223

Author: Vadim Milyukov, Alexander Kopaev, Vladimir Zharov, Alexey Mironov, Andrey Myasnikov, Other autors