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Exploring the Impact of Abiotic Factors on Pyrus L. Species in Ex Situ Environments Within the Greater Caucasus Region

Keywords: Pyrus L. Ex situ Temperature Light Water
Title of journal: Journal of ENDEMISM: biodiversity & environment
Year: 2023 Volume: 1 Pages: 17-20

Author: Sabina Jafarzadeh, Saltanat Aghayeva,

The First Attempt to Assess the Taxonomic Diversity of the Nepticulidae of Armenia Resulted in the Discovery of New Species and Cryptic Taxa in the Caucasus ∗∗

Keywords: Caucasus Mitotype network New species Taxonomy
Title of journal: Diversity
Year: 2024 Volume: 16 Pages: 1-53

Author: Jonas Stonis, Viktorija Dobrynina, Andrius Remeikis, Arūnas Diškus, Svetlana Orlovskyte, Other autors

The Impact of Military Conflict Caused Fires on Animal Population of Coniferous and Mixed Forests

Keywords: Military conflict Fires Animal population Forests Georgia
Title of journal: Top Biodiversity 2010 – Conference Proceedings. Intercollege – Larnaca, Cyprus
Year: 2010 Pages: 121-131

Author: Maka Murvanidze, Eristo Kvavadze, Tea Arabuli, Nana Bagathuria, Alexander Bukhnikashvili, Other autors

Response of the Coastal Phytoplankton Community to the Runoff from Small Rivers in the Northeastern Black Sea

Keywords: Marine coastal phytoplankton Community structure Small river impact Salinity gradient NE Black Sea Primary production
Title of journal: Diversity
Year: 2023 Volume: 15 Pages: 1-22

Author: Valentina Sergeeva, Sergey Mosharov, Natalia Shulga, Viacheslav Kremenetskiy, Pavel Khlebopashev, Other autors

Bats of Georgia - An Occurrence Dataset from 1835 Through 2022

Keywords: Bats Chiroptera Dataset Distribution Caucasus Georgia
Title of journal: Biodiversity Data Journal
Year: 2023 Volume: 11 Pages: 1-12

Author: Ioseb Natradze, Alexander Buknikashvili, Giorgi Sheklashvili, Levan Mumladze,