Kamran Shayesteh

Kamran Shayesteh

Keywords : Dust storm HYSPLIT MODIS Western Parts of Iran Socio-economic problems Middle-Eastern countries

Country : Iran

Organization : Malayer University

Department :

Academia edu : http://malayeru.academia.edu/KamranShayesteh

Linkedin : https://ir.linkedin.com/in/kamran-shayesteh-a6901857

Biography :

Curriculum Vitae




Name: Kamran

Surname: Shayesteh

Nationality: Iranian

DOB: November 1977

Marital status:                     Married

Academic Position:            Assistant Professor





Department of Environmental Sciences

Faculty of Natural Resources

Malayer University


Malayer- Iran


E-mail: k.shayesteh@malayeru.ac.ir




   B.Sc., Environmental Science, Faculty ofNatural Resources, Isfahan University of Technology, Isfahan, Iran, (2000).

   M.Sc., Environmental Planning and Management, Faculty of Environment, Universityof Tehran, Tehran, Iran, (2003).

   Ph.D., Environmental Planning, Faculty of Environment, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran, (2011).



  • Assistant Professor. Department of Environmental Sciences. Faculty of Natural Resourcesand Environment. Malayer University. Malayer. Iran.


  • Head of Department of Environmental Sciences: 2012-2014


  • Dean of Faculty of Natural Resources and Environment: 2015- …



  • Iranian Association for Environmental Assessment. (member of the board)
  • Scientific Network for the Caucasus Mountain Region (SNC-mt). (member of Steering Group)



B.Sc. Courses:

Environmental Evaluation, Human-being and Environment, Environmental Principles

M.Sc. Courses:

Carrying Capacity, Land Use Planning, Environmental Appraisal

Ph.D. Courses:

Ecological economics




Land Use Change Analysis. Landscape Ecology, Ecological Economics, Carrying Capacity.








  • Salinity Management(translated from English to Persian) – Under Publication


  • Ecological Footprint, Concepts and Estimation methods- Under Publication. (in Persian)


  • Environmental Planning, and Predicting Land Use Changes- Under Publication. (in Persian)


Submitted papers:


  • Shayesteh K., Douzbakhshan M., Ildoromi A.and Bahar Gogani M. Estimation of Water Resources Carrying Capacity of Malayer Using Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation Model. Submitted to Earth Science Research Journal.


  • Raheli-Namin B.,Silva da Silva T., Joorabian Shooshtari Sh. andShayesteh K.Land change assessment and dynamic spatial modeling in the Ghara-su watershed,Northeastern Iran. Submitted to GIScience Remote Sensing.


  • Joorabian Shooshtari Sh., Raheli-Namin B., Shayesteh K. and Oñate-Valdivieso F. Identification of Factors Affecting Urban Development in the Western Golestan Province (Iran).Submitted to Habitat International Journal


  • Shayesteh K and Ghandali M. Evaluation of the Carrying Capacity of Semnan Using Urban Carrying Capacity Load Number Model.Submitted to Environmental Monitoring and Assessment.


  • Joorabian Shooshtari Sh. and Shayesteh K. Monitoring and land cover change modeling in the Neka basin using CA-Markov.Submitted to Journal of Applied Ecology.(In Persian).


  • Jahani Sh., Shayesteh K., Solgi E. and Akhzari D. Evaluation of erosion-induced soil nutrient (NPK) loss in Manesht and Qalarang Protected Area. Submitted toInternational Journal of Environmental Resources Research.




Published Papers:


  • Mirzaei M and Shayesteh K. land Use Change Analysis, Using GIS, Remote Sensing and Landscape Metrics: A Case study of Golpayegan City, Iran. 2015. International Journal of Ecology and Environmental Sciences. Vol. 41 (3-4): 133-140.


  • Shayesteh K., Darani K. M. and Ildoromi A. Ecological Impact Assessment of the Citizens of Isphahans Life Using the Ecological Footprint Index. 2015. International Journal of Applied Life Sciences. Vol. 8(4): 430-438.


  • Shayesteh K., Ghashami S., and Mirsanjari M. M.  A Survey on Earthquake Risk Assessment of Dams and Prioritization of Management Strategies, Using AHP Method (Case study: Ekbatan Dam, Hamedan, Iran). 2015. Intl J Farm & Alli Sci. Vol., 4 (3): 189-196.


  • Akhzari D., Pessarakli M., Shayesteh K. and Bashir Gonbad M. Effect of Source Areas Anthropogenic Activities on Dust Storm Occurrences in the Western Parts of Iran. 2014. International Journal of Environmental Resources Research. Vol. 2(2):124-132.


  • Shayesteh K., Darani K. M. and Ildoromi A. Estimating the Ecological Footprint of Transportation in the City of Isphahan (Iran). Curr World Environ 2014; 9 (3). doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.12944/CWE.9.3.24


  • Akhzari D., Attaeian B., Gonbad M. B. and Shayesteh K. Impact of Source Area Desertification on Dust Storm Emission in the Western Parts of Iran. Curr World Environ 2014; 9 (3). doi :http://dx.doi.org/10.12944/CWE.9.3.11


  • Anbarnezhad, S. Shayesteh, K. and Khanmohammadi, M. Recreational Camp Site Selection in Golestan National Park by Using MCDM Technique Combined with GIS. Journal of Environmental Management and Planning. 2014. Vol.4, NO. 1, pp.33- 42. (In Persian)


  • Cheraghi, M. Sohrabi, M. and Shayesteh, K. Determination of Copper and Cadmium Concentration in Greenhouse Tomatoes Produced in Hamedan Province during 2012. Journal of Food Hygiene. 2014.  Vol. 3, No. 12, pp 31-40. (In Persian)


  • Ganjali S. and Shayesteh K., Ghasemi, A. and Mohammadi, H. Environmental and Strategic Assessment of Ecotourism Potential in the Anzali Wetland using SWOT Analyses. 2014. Caspian Journal of Environmental Sciences- 12(1). Pp155-164.


  • Bahrami S, Shayesteh K, Bahrami S. Evaluation of the effect of geomorphology in vegetation density in Noakoh Anticline. Arid Regions Geographic Studies. 2014; 4 (14):83-101. (In Persian)


  • Ganjali S. and Shayesteh K. Environmental and Strategic Assessment of Saravan Landfill Using SWOT Analysis. Journal of Environmental Research. Volume 4, summer 2013, pp 83-92. (In Persian)


  • Cheraghi, M. Beigmohammadi, Z. and Shayesteh, K. Concentration of Lead and Zinc in Greenhouse Cucumbers of Hamedan Province in 2012. Journal of Food Hygiene. 2013.  Vol. 3, No. 10, pp 53-62. (In Persian)


  • Shayesteh, K., Makhdoum, M., Yavari, A.R., Sharifi, M. and Jafari, H.R. Recreational Optimized Management Plan, A Tool for Using Carrying Capacity Concept in Sustainable Management of Recreational Regions.  Journal of Environmental Research- Iranian Association for Environmental Assessment- 2010- 3(65-76). (In Persian)


  • Tabibian M., Setoudeh A. Shayesteh K. and Chalabianlou R.An Investigation of the Concepts and Methods of Quantitative Carrying Capacity Analysis- A Case of Strategic Planning for Tourism Development in Hamedan- Abbasabad-Ganjnameh Valley, Journal of Fine Arts (Honar-ha-ye-ziba), University of  Tehran,Vol.29, Spring 2007, pp:17-28. .(in Persian)


  • Sobhan Ardakani S., Shayesteh K. Afyouni M. and Soufiani N.M. Nitrate Concentrations in Plants of Isfahan Province, Journal of Environmental Studies, Faculty of Environment, University of Tehran, Vol.35, April 2005, pp:69-76. .(in Persian)







Ph.D. Thesis:


Joorabian Shooshtari Sh. Simulating the Impacts of Climate Change, Land Use, Landscape Metrics and Their Change Process on Surface Water Quality in One of Mazandaran Province watershed areas.(Co-Supervisor). Started in 2015


Ghandali M. Optimized Allocation of Land Use in Semnan Watershed Using Heuristic and Exact Approaches. (Co-Supervisor). Started in 2015


Darani K.M. Environmental Impact Assessment of Land Use in the Tonekabon Forests of Dohezar-Sehezar Using Landscape Ecology and Visual Impact Assessment Approach (Co-Advisor). Started in 2015

M.Sc. Thesis:


Bonyadi S. landscape change Detection in Dez Protected Area Using Remote Sensing and Landscape Metrics. 2015. (Supervisor)


Azizkhani N. Landscape Economic Valuation by Integrating Landscape Ecology into Landscape Economics (case study: Hamedan city). 2015. (Supervisor)


Mohammadi N. Assessment of Sanandaj Urban Carrying Capacity and Ecological Security Based on Ecological Footprint Method. 2015. (Supervisor)


Veisi Z. Ecological Footprint of Ecotourism in Bisotoun. 2014. (Supervisor)


Noruzi Shams Z. Sustainable Environmental Ecotourism in Ganjnameh Valley based on Limit of Acceptable Change. 2014. (Supervisor)


Isaei Z. Analyzing of Land Use/ Cover Changes Trends Using Landscape Ecology Approach (Case study: Kermanshah City).2014. (Co-Supervisor).


Japelaghi M. 2014. Analysis and Prediction of Change Process and Landscape Pattern of Lorestan Province in LCM.  (Co-Supervisor).


Douzbakhshan M. Estimation of Water Resources Carrying Capacity in Malayer Plain by using the Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation.2014. (Co-Supervisor)


Sohrabi, M. Survey of Heavy Metals Concentration (As, Zn, Cu, Cd, Pb) in Soil and Greenhouse Vegetables in Hamedan Province. (Case: Tomato Crop). (Supervisor)


Beigmohammadi, Z. Survey of Heavy Metals Concentration (As, Zn, Cu, Cd, Pb) in Soil and Greenhouse Vegetables in Hamedan Province. (Case: Tomato Crop). (Supervisor)


 Abbasi Tabar, H., Spatial Distribution of Heavy Metals in Agriculture Soils, Using Geostatistics (Case Study: Siakh Darengoon Area in Shiraz City). 2013. (Co-Supervisor)


Jahani, S., Economic Valuation of Soil Nutrients Retention Function (NPK) in Manesht and Qlarang Protected Area. 2013. (Co-Supervisor)


Rezaii, S. Land-Use Planning, Using MOLA (Multi Objective Land Allocation) Method in Tarom Watershed in Zanjan Province. 2013. (Supervisor)


Mollaii, R. Land Use Change Detection in Sorkhehesar national Park Using Remote Sensing Data. 2013. (Supervisor)


Kazemi, M. Assessment of Desertification Potential in Sistan Plain, Using ICD Model. 2013. (Supervisor)


Sheikhi, Z., Analytical and Methodological Survey on Coastal Recreational Carrying Capacity. (Case Study: Zayanderud Dam). 2012. (Supervisor)


Darani, K.M., Analytical Survey on Ecological Footprint Estimation Methods. (Case Study: Isphahan). 2012. (Supervisor)


Ghashami, S. Risk Assessment of Dam and Prioritizing Suggested Controls Using AHP Method. 2012. (Advisor)