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Effectiveness of protected areas in the Western Caucasus before and after the transition to post-socialism

Regional priorities of green economy
The Plio-Pleistocene glaciation in Eastern Europe, Siberia, and the Caucasus: Evolution of thoughts
Geologic Nature of Lineaments Exposed in Cosmic Pictures of the Earth (As in the Caucasus)
Organic phosphorus compounds in particle-size fractions of mountain soils in the northwestern Caucasus
Northern Caucasus basin: thermal history and synthesis of subsidence models
Long-term change, interannual and intra-seasonal variability in climate and glacier mass balance in the Central Greater Caucasus, Russia
The Caucasus
Monitoring crustal deformations in the Northern Caucasus using a high precision long base laser strainmeter and the GPS/GLONASS network
Development stages of hazardous mountain lakes and simulation of their outbursts (Central Caucasus, Russia; Sichuan mountain region, China)
Regional short-term forecast of debris flow initiation for glaciated high mountain zone of the Caucasus
Natural hazards following a glacier disaster: forecast and mitigation measures (case study of the Central Caucasus)
The Devdorak ice-rock avalanche and consequent debris flows from the slope of Mt. Kazbek (Caucasus, Georgia) in 2014
Modelling of snow avalanche dynamics: Influence of model parameters
Altitude isotope effect in snow of Garabashi glacier, Elbrus mountain
Risk assessment in the North Caucasus ski resorts
Original wall paintings at the church of the Saviour in Chvabiani (Upper Svaneti, Georgia) and Byzantine art at the turn of the tenth to eleventh centuries
Influence of Alpine Plants on Soil Nutrient Concentrations in a Monoculture Experiment
Bryophyte flora of the projected Utrish nature reserve (North-West Caucasus, Russia)
Long-term vegetation dynamic in the Northwestern Caucasus: which communities are more affected by upward shifts of plant species?
Variation in Skull Morphology of Brown Bears (Ursus arctos) from Caucasus
The Black Sea basins structure and history: New model based on new deep penetration regional seismic data. Part 2: Tectonic history and paleogeography
A new species from the Clubiona caerulescens group from the Caucasus (Araneae: Clubionidae)
The distribution of rare-earth elements in orebodies of the dzhimidon base-metal deposit and in the host rocks in North Ossetia, Russia
Morphological analysis of alpine communities of the north-western Caucasus
The stratigraphic setting of cretaceous volcanic rocks in Crimea and in the North Caucasus
Lithological–Stratigraphic Characteristics of the Aptian–Cenomanian Sediments of the Abkhazian Zone of the Western Caucasus
The composition of the sandstone from the Oligocene turbidite of the Tuapse marginal trough
Observations of crustal tide strains in the Elbrus area
Institutions as a factor of territorial differentiation of socioeconomic characteristics of rural settlements in Ingushetia
Mapping the north Caucasus: Demographic gradients and Investment risks
Fluidogenic Breccias in the Darial Gorge of the Terek River (Central Caucasus Mountains)
Fertilization and irrigation effects on the Geranium-Hedysarum Meadows, Northwestern Caucasus, Russia
Biological activity of alpine mountain-meadow soils in the Teberda Reserve
Monitoring of Kolka Glacier in 2014–2017 by terrestrial stereophotogrammetry (In Russian)
Shallow Landslide Susceptibility Mapping in Sochi Ski-Jump Area Using GIS and Numerical Modelling
Contemporary suspended sediment yield of Caucasus mountains
Climate Change and Water Resources in North Caucasus and South Urals
Geochemistry of the rare earth elements in the sparkling groundwaters of the Caucasus ridge, Russia
Types of land massifs for essential oil crops cultivation in forest-steppe altitudinal belt of Greater Caucasus (Krasnodar territory)
Spatial Organization of the Vegetation and Landscapes of the Sub-Mediterranean Forest and Woodland Belt on the Abrau Peninsula (Northwestern Caucasus)
Causes and consequences of the streambed restructuring of the Koiavgan Creek (North Caucasus, Russia)
Use of natural and artificial radionuclides to determine the sedimentation rates in two North Caucasus lakes
Craniological Divergence of Two Genetically Closely Related Caucasian Spined Loaches: Cobitis saniae and C. derzhavini (Cobitidae)