UAV’s and Satellite Images for DRM

Colleagues from the University of Geneva together with Sustainable Caucasus continue a series of webinars with the participation of the representatives of higher education institutions from the countries of the Caucasus Mountain Region. 

Today’s webinar introduced a learning unit focused on the use of UAV’s and satellite images for DRM. The unit was structured around the use of UAV and satellite imagery at the four key stages of the DRM cycle, from prevention, to preparation, to response, to recovery.

The webinar was led by Simon Allen, from the University of Geneva. The learning objective of the aforementioned unit aims to introduce students to the wide range of applications of UAV and satellite imagery for DRM. Specifically, students will be able to:

  •  critically evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of different UAV and satellite image applications across the DRM cycle;
  • propose innovative solutions based on UAV and satellite images, for addressing gaps in local DRM capabilities;
  • evaluate soft- and hardware needs to facilitate UAV and satellite image processing. 

The webinar introduced theoretical background and concepts, combined with numerous international case studies that can form the basis of lectures. Practical exercises and other supporting resources were also introduced. 

Participants discussed national experiences on the topic, and the potential for this learning unit to become integrated within university courses.