Teacher Coaching Programme Workshop 7: ABC Course Design

Colleagues from the University of Geneva together with Sustainable Caucasus continue a series of webinars with the participation of the representatives of higher education institutions from the countries of the Caucasus Mountain Region.

Professor Jörg Balsiger introduced ABC Learning Design which is a highly successful curriculum development approach conceived at University College London in 2014. The approach is designed to allow teaching teams to design a course in just 90 minutes by means of a structured approach using specialized tools and a visual storyboard; it can also be used to review and modify an existing course or to plan a change into an online course. 

ABC builds on well-known insights into how students learn, some of which will be covered in the “Learning-centered teaching” learning unit. It incorporates the principles of constructive alignment but goes beyond to also address cross-course or cross-program themes and institutional policies. 

At the end of this learning unit, participants will identify and understand the key notions underpinning an ABC approach;  plan and implement an ABC Learning Design workshop and apply the ABC approach to a new or existing course.