New Publications September 2022

Just in time before the weekend - a new list of publications on SNC-mt website from across the Caucasus Mountain research community. Happy reading!

Which Armenian Higher Education Institutions are Visible on Researchgate?

Emerging Industry of Think Tanks in Armenia 

Armenian Think Tanks Are Facing Old and New Challenges 

On Identification, Identity, and Security Issues in Modern Armenia 

English in Azerbaijan: Developments and Perspectives 

Species Diversity and DNA Barcode Library of Freshwater Molluscs of South Caucasus 

General Characteristics of Local Lore Documental Network Resources of the Libraries of Azerbaijan (Based on Library Collection) 

Students’ Self-Determination in Azerbaijan 

Landslide Susceptibility Assessment Using An Integrated Approach of the Analytic Network Process and Fuzzy Logic, a Case of Urmia Lake Basin 

A GIS-Based Multiple Ecotourism Sustainability Assessment of West Azerbaijan Province, Iran 

Textiles of Early Kurgan Culture in Georgia 

Comparative Analysis of Reported Deaths Cases Associated With the New Coronavirus Covid-19 Pandemic in the South Caucasus Countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia) from March 2020 to May 2022 

The Role of the Caucasus in the Beginning of Pastoralism in Eurasia 

Remittances in Russia and Caucasus and Central Asia: the Gravity Model 

Financial Development and Growth in the Caucasus and Central Asia 

Exchange Rate Pass-Through in the Caucasus and Central Asia 

The Contributions of Georgia’s Geopolitics to the Country’s Economy 

Prospects of Newly Discovered Ugur Area in the Northwest of the Gedabey Ore District (Lesser Caucasus, Azerbaijan) 

Petro-Geochemical Features of the Bajocian Island-Arc Volcanism in the Lesser Caucasus (Azerbaijan) 

Risk of Invasiveness of Non-Native Fishes in the South Caucasus Biodiversity and Geopolitical Hotspot 

Recreational Nature Management in the North-Eastern Caucasus 

Israel and Armenia: So Near Experientially, But So Far Away Geopolitically? 

The Status and Limits to Aspirations of Minorities in the South Caucasus States 

The Impact of Russia’s Soft Power on Georgia and Economic Relations 

The Role of Poor Mental Health in Substance Use Across Socioeconomic Strata of Armenian Adolescents: a Counterfactual Mediation Analysis