New Publications September 2021

Plenty to catch up on in our round-up of new publications on the SNC-mt platform, constantly updated with scientific articles, chapters, books, researches relevant to the Caucasus region.

Current Climate Change Impact on the Mtkvari (Kura) River Basin Glaciers Degradation 

Remote Sensing for Early Warning of Natural Meteorological and Hydrological Disasters and Provision of Transportation Safety Over the Black Sea in Georgia 

Utilization of a Rainfall-Runoff Hydrological Model in Studies on the Impact of Land Use Changes: Case Study from Georgia 

The Climate Change Impact on the Glaciers of Georgia

Research of Devdoraki Glacier Based on Satellite Remote Sensing Data and Devdoraki Glacier Falls in Historical Context 

Impact of Modern Climate Change on Glaciers in East Georgia 

Climate Change Impact on the Glaciers of the Rioni River Basin (Georgia) 

Integrated Monitoring of Slope Processes in North Ossetia 

Endogenous and Exogenous Manifestations of Geodynamic Activity in the Central Caucasus 

How Does the Suspended Sediment Yield Change in the North Caucasus During the Anthropocene? 

Dynamics of Seasonal Patterns in Geochemical, Isotopic, and Meteorological Records of the Elbrus Region Derived from Functional Data Clustering 

Catastrophic Debris Flows in Kazbegi Mountain Area, Georgia - Use of Available Free Internet Information As a Source to Generate Conceptual Engineering Geological Model 

Glacier Related Geological Hazards in Caucasus Mountains, Georgia 

Changes of Trees Regeneration Diversity in Main and Secondary Roads of Hyrcanian Forests, Iran 

Effect of Oriental Beech Root Reinforcement on Slope Stability (Hyrcanian Forest, Iran) 

Soil Hydrophysical Degradation Associated With Forest Operations 

Root Tensile Force and Resistance of Several Tree and Shrub Species of Hyrcanian Forest, Iran

Seasonal and Spatial Variability of Root Reinforcement in Three Pioneer Species of the Hyrcanian Forest 

Mechanical Characteristics of the Fine Roots of Two Broadleaved Tree Species from the Temperate Caspian Hyrcanian Ecoregion