New Publications October 2022

Friday is here and we've got a new list of publications for you on the SNC-mt website, just in time for your weekend reading from across the Caucasus Mountain research community.
Catch and Enjoy 

A Comparative Study of the Early Pleistocene Carnivore Guild from Dmanisi (Georgia) 

Zoogeographic Significance of Dmanisi Large Mammal Assemblage 

Potentials and Opportunities of Wild Edible Forest Fruits for Rural Household’s Economy in Arasbaran, Iran 

Local Ecological Knowledge Provides Novel Evidence on Threats and Declines for the Caucasian Grouse Lyrurus mlokosiewiczi in Arasbaran Biosphere Reserve, Iran 

Spatial Patterning of the Archaeological and Paleontological Assemblage At Dmanisi, Georgia: An Analysis of Site Formation and Carnivore-Hominin Interaction in Block 2 

Archaeology and Formation Processes in the M6 Block At Dmanisi, Georgia 

Earliest Human Occupations At Dmanisi (Georgian Caucasus) Dated to 1.85–1.78 Ma 

An Ancient Cranium from Dmanisi: Evidence for Interpersonal Violence, Disease, and Possible Predation By Carnivores on Early Pleistocene Homo 

Life and Death At Dmanisi, Georgia: Taphonomic Signals from the Fossil Mammals 

Early Pleistocene Stratigraphy, Sedimentary Environments, and Formation Contexts At Dmanisi in the Georgian Caucasus 

The Birth of the Acheulian Techno-Complex in the Caucasus Region 

A 5600-yr History of Changing Vegetation, Sea Levels and Human Impacts from the Black Sea Coast of Georgia 

Environmental Context of the Kura-Araxes Culture 

Long-Term Population Dynamics: Theory and Reality in a Peatland Ecosystem 

Environment and Society in the Late Prehistory of Southern Georgia, Caucasus 

A Promethean Legacy: Late Quaternary Vegetation History of Southern Georgia, Caucasus 

Invasion of the Giant Hogweed and the Sosnowsky’s Hogweed As a Multidisciplinary Problem With Unknown Future — a Review 

The Impact of Invasive Caucasian Hogweeds on Birds Depends on Areas of Invaded and Uninvaded Habitats At Various Scales in Central European Uplands 

Geochemical, Fluid Inclusion and Sulfur Isotope Studies of the Daghkesemen Au-Bearing Polymetallic Deposit (Northwestern Azerbaijan) in Lesser Caucasus: Implications for Ore Genesis 

Geological and Geochemical Characterization of the Kelbadjar (Kechaldag) Obsidian Source in Azerbaijan, Lesser Caucasus 

U-Pb Zircon Chronological Constraints for Three Stages of Synorogenic Plutonic Magmatism of the Greater Caucasus Svaneti Segment, Georgia 

This Land Is Your Land: Andrei Bitov Travels Through the Caucasus 

Dursogammarus dromaderus Gen. Et Sp. Nov., a New Ponto-Caspian Gammarid (Amphipoda: Gammaridae) from the Coastal Pebble Habitats of the Foothills of the Caucasus