New Publications October 2021

Are you looking for some weekend reading on? We've got you covered! Check out our list of new publications relevant to the Caucasus region updated for you bi-weekly.

The Current State of Mountain Meadow Soils of Subalpine Pasture Ecosystems of the Central Caucasus (Elbrus Altitudinal Zonality)

Floristic Findings in the Kabardino-Balkar Republic (Central Caucasus)

Spatial Modeling of the Range and Long-Term Climatogenic Dynamics of Ambrosia L. Species in the Caucasus 

Materials for the Blacklist of the Central Caucasus Flora (Kabardino-Balkar Republic): Part II 

Monitoring of Ambrosia artemisiifolia L. Distribution in Meadow Phytocenoses of Kabardino-Balkarian Republic (Central Caucasus)

Long-Term Dynamics of Vegetation Restoration in the Technogenic Landscapes of the Bylym Arid Depression (Central Caucasus) 

Invasive Species in the Grasslands of the Central Caucasus 

Stages of Grassland Degradation in Subalpine Ecosystems of the Central Caucasus, Russia 

Elemental Composition of Infusions of Herbs (Tisanes) of North Ossetia (the Caucasus) 

Ecological Gradients (West-East) and Vegetation of the Central Great Caucasus 

Efficient Use and Protection of the Lesser Caucasus Nature Reserves Plant Cover 

Ravines Floristic Diversity of Khinna Gorge (Zayamchay River Basin, Lesser Caucasus) 

Subalpine Vegetation Along the Soil Moisture Gradient Under the Climate Change Conditions: Re-Visitation Approach (the Central Great Caucasus)

Long Term Natural Dynamics of An Alpine Lichen Heath in the Teberda State Biosphere Reserve, Northwestern Caucasus 

Ethnoveterinary and Fodder Plants Used Among Transhumant Communities Around Georgia-Turkey Border, in the Western Lesser Caucasus 

Strong Acceleration of Glacier Area Loss in the Greater Caucasus Over the Past Two Decades 

The Impact of Some Uncontrolled Landfill Sites on the Ecosystems of Surrounding Areas of Eastern and Western Parts of Georgia 

Research Into Glacier Variation Dynamics in East Georgia Under the Impact of Modern Climate Change 

Research of Uncontrolled Landfills Impact on Environment in Georgia 

Research of Soil Resources Degradation Processes in Georgia 

Reception and Processing of the Black Sea Surface Temperature Satellite Data for Georgian Water Area