New Publications 1-15 November 2023

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The Probability of Cultivation of Citrus Crops on the Territory of the Black Sea Coast of the Caucasus

Religion’s Role in Climate Change Resilience in the North Caucasus

Accumulation Rates Over the Past 260 Years Archived in Elbrus Ice Core, Caucasus

Analysis of the Structure of Flora of Artificial Phytocoenosis and Assessment of Its Competitiveness Against Invasion of Alien Plants and Their Suitability for the Creation Introduction Populations of Rare Species of the Caucasian Flora

InDel and SCoT Markers for Genetic Diversity Analysis in a Citrus Collection from the Western Caucasus

Correction To: “Ecology and Vegetation Types of Oak-Hornbeam and Ravine Forests of the Eastern Greater Caucasus, Georgia”

Carpinus orientalis Forests in Georgian Colchis: First Insights

Rhytidiadelphus subpinnatus – a New Member of the Bryoflora of Georgia (South Caucasus)

The Class Adiantetea in Georgia: a Rare Relict Fern Community in the South Caucasus

Transcaucasian Vegetation Database - a Phytosociological Database of the Southern Caucasus

Alluvial Alder Forests of the Greater Caucasus, Georgia: Ecology, Habitats and Variability

Further Records of Pediciidae and Limoniidae (Diptera) from Azerbaijan and Georgia

A New Species and Family of Beetle for Georgia (Sakartvelo): Arrhaphipterus schelkownikoffi Reitter, 1893 (Coleoptera: Rhipiceridae)

Multiphase Magma Intrusion, Ore-Enhancement and Hydrothermal Carbonatisation in the Siah-Kamar Porphyry Mo Deposit, Urumieh-Dokhtar Magmatic Zone, NW Iran

Long-Lived, Eocene-Miocene Stationary Magmatism in NW Iran Along a Transform Plate Boundary

Carbonatisation and Overprinting Mineralisation in Siah-Kamar Porphyry Molybdenum Deposit, NW Iran

Cenozoic Porphyry and Other Hydrothermal Ore Deposits Along the South Caucasus-West Iranian Tectono-Magmatic Belt: a Critical Reappraisal of the Controlling Factors

Variability of Morphological Features of Dracocephalum multicaule (Lamiaceae) in Natural Populations of Dagestan

Erosion of the Caucasian Black Sea Coast

Crimea and Caucasus Accumulative Coasts Dynamics Estimation Using Satellite Pictures

Current State of the Northeast Black Sea Coast Along the Russian Caucasus

Lateral Moraine Failure in the Valley of the Djankuat Catchment (Central Caucasus) and Subsequent Morphodynamics

Timing and Evolution of Structures Within the Southeastern Greater Caucasus and Kura Fold-Thrust Belt from Multiproxy Sediment Provenance Records