New Publications November 2022

A new list of publications on the SNC-mt website form across the Caucasus Mountain research community.
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Checklist of Carrion Beetles (Coleoptera, Silphidae) from Sakartvelo (Georgia) 

First Record of Palorus subdepressus (Wollaston, 1864) (Coleoptera: Tenebronidae) from Georgia (Sakartvelo) 

WALS Estimation and Forecasting in Factor-based Dynamic Models With An Application to Armenia 

Forecasting Armenian Key Macroeconomic Indicators Using Factor-Based Dynamic Models 

Structural Versus Matching Estimation: Transmission Mechanisms in Armenia 

Structural and Reduced-Form Modeling and Forecasting With Application to Armenia 

Alternative Models for Forecasting the Key Macroeconomic Variables in Armenia 

A Comparison of Different Short-Term Macroeconomic Forecasting Models: Evidence from Armenia 

Modelling and Forecasting Domestic Tourism. Case Study from Armenia 

Forecasting the Number of Incoming Tourists Using Arima Model: Case Study from Armenia 

Healthcare Tourism in Armenia: Opportunities and Perspectives of Development 

Capital Investments, Tourist Tax and Tourism Development: the Case Study of Armenia 

The History, Culture and Architecture As a Potential of Urban Tourism Development: Evidence from Armenia 

Promoting Female Entrepreneurship in Tourism for Sustainable Development 

Assessing the Environmental Sustainability of Tourism in the Target Villages of East Azerbaijan Province 

An Assessment of the Thirty Year Post-Soviet Transition Quality in Azerbaijan from An Economic and Social Liberalization Perspective 

Selection of Renewables for Economic Regions With Diverse Conditions: the Case of Azerbaijan 

Fuzzy MCDM Models for Selection of the Tourism Development Site: the Case of Azerbaijan 

Social Media Impacts on Georgian Tourism Business 

Analyzing Tourism Influence on Agricultural Products' Market: a Case Study of the Mestia Municipality, Georgia* 

Share of Georgian Production in the Value Chain of Georgian Tourism 

Taxonomic Status of the Genus Sabanejewia (Cobitidae) from Kura-Aras River System (Turkey) 

The Taxonomy of Alosa caspia (Clupeidae: Alosinae), Using Molecular and Morphometric Specifications, in the South Caspian Sea