New Publications November 2021

Catch up on some of the latest research this weekend by browsing our list of new publications from the SNC-mt website relevant to the Caucasus region and updated for you bi-weekly

 Ideological Foundations and Cultural Manifestations of Youth Volunteering in Armenia 

A New Species of Epeorus (Caucasiron) (Ephemeroptera, Heptageniidae) from Azerbaijan and Iran 

Features of the Formation of Click Beetle Complexes in Perennial Plantings of the Western Caucasus 

Borders of the Sasanian Empire and the Muslim Caliphate in the Caucasus 

The Islamic Conquest or Flooding? Sasanian Settlements and Irrigation Systems Collapse in Mughan, Iranian Azerbaijan 

The History of the Formation of Macrozoobenthos of Rivers in Azerbaijan 

Oxynoemacheilus fatsaensis, a New Nemacheilid Loach from the Elekçi Stream in Northern Anatolia (Teleostei: Nemacheilidae) 

Remote Sensing and Machine Learning Techniques to Monitor Fluvial Corridor Evolution: the Aras River Between Iran and Azerbaijan 

Geomorphological Evolution Along International Riverine Borders: the Flow of the Aras River Through Iran, Azerbaijan, and Armenia 

Some Biological Properties of Kura Goby, Ponticola cyrius (Kessler, 1874) (Gobiiformes, Gobiidae) from Kura River, Turkey 

Ichthyofauna of the Turkish parts of Kura-Aras River Basin 

Species of Oxynoemacheilus Bănărescu & Nalbant, 1966 (Actinopterygii: Nemacheilidae) in the Turkish Part of the Kura-Aras River System, with the First Detailed Evidence for the Occurrence of O. bergianus (Derjavin, 1934) and O. cf. elsae Eagderi et al., 2018 

Review and Contribution to the Stonefly (Insecta: Plecoptera) Fauna of Azerbaijan 

Epigean (Pond-Dwelling) Species of the Genus Niphargus schiödte, 1849 (Crustacea: Amphipoda: Niphargidae) from the Coastal Plains of the Black and Azov Seas of the North and South-Western Caucasus 

An Assessment of Applicability of SNP Chip Developed for Domestic Goats in Genetic Studies of Caucasian Tur (Capra caucasica)

Euxinian Relict Amphipods of the Eastern Paratethys in the Subterranean Fauna of Coastal Habitats of the Northern Black Sea Region  

New and Non-alien: Echinogammarus Mazestiensis Sp. N. from the Southwestern Caucasus (Amphipoda: Gammaridae

Identification and Genetic Diversity of Acer ibericum (Aceraceae) Populations in South Caucasus