New Publications 15-31 May 2024

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Post-Eocene Coupled Oroclines in the Talesh (NW Iran): Paleomagnetic Constraints

Geochemical Constraints on the Geodynamic Setting of Alborz-Azerbaijan Cenozoic Magmatism

Cultural Tourism As An Important Component of Economic Development of the State

UNESCO Creative Cities Network and Development Prospects of Knowledge Society and Tourism in Azerbaijan (in the Context of Museology)

Knowledge Society in Azerbaijan and Museums: Development Prospects

The Knowledge Society and Museums: the Museum of the History of Science in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan: Pathways for Decarbonization in a Global Context

Geochemistry and Tectonic Setting of Maien Bolagh (Takab) Alkali Gabbros-NW Iran

Crystal Size Distribution of Amphiboles from Bezow Dacites, Urmia, Iran

Crystal Size Distribution of Amphibole and Plagioclase from Zanbil Adakitic Dacites, Urmia-Iran: Evidence for Magma Mixing and Textural Coarsening

Microstructures and Crystal Size Distribution (CSD) of Chromites from Gysian Silvana Ophiolite Serpentinites, Urmia, Iran

Geochemistry and Crystal Shape, Size and Spatial Distribution in Arc-Related Gabbro, Urmia, NW Iran

The P-T-X Conditions of Staurolite-Garnet Metabasites, NW Iran: Implications for Metamorphism During Arabia-Eurasia Collision

The Possibility and Prosperity of Moringa oleifera Lam. Cultivation in Armenia Under Conditions of Outdoor Hydroponics and Soil

Hypoglycemic and Hypolipidemic Activity of Moringa Grown in Hydroponics and Soil in Ararat Valley

Comparison of Growth, Antioxidant, and Antibacterial Activities in Hydroponic and Soil-Grown Moringa oleifera in Armenia

Anthropogenic Changes of the Agricultural Production Features of River Valley-Escarpment Soils in Martuni Region, Sevan Basin, RA

HPLC Analysis of Vitamins C, E, Beta-carotene, and Some Flavonoids in Armenian Red Wines

The Econometric Analysis of the Exports and Foreign Exchange Rates Impact on Wine Production: the Case of Armenian Wine Industry

Determining Digitalization Issues (ICT Adoption, Digital Literacy, and the Digital Divide) in Rural Areas by Using Sample Surveys: The Case of Armenia

Evaluation of the Physico-Chemical Indices of Sausages Sold in Yerevan

Exposure Assessment of Trans-Fatty Acids Through Consumption of Sour Cream in Yerevan

Assessing the Risk of Antibiotic Residues in Milk Produced in the Republic of Armenia

Risk Assessment of Toxic Elements in Fruits and Vegetables Grown in Ararat Region, Armenia

Target-Oriented Risk Assessment of AFB1 in Buckwheat Consumed in Armenia

Risk Assessment of Uptake of Trace Elements Through Consumption of Cereals: a Pilot Study in Yerevan, Armenia

Trans-Fatty Acids in Fast-Food and Intake Assessment for Yerevan's Population, Armenia

Exposure Assessment of Nitrofuran Metabolites in Fish and Honey Produced in Armenia: a Pilot Investigation

Risk Assessment of Nitrofurans in Armenian Honey

Risk Assessment of AFM1 in Raw Milk and Dairy Products Produced in Armenia, a Caucasus Region Country: A Pilot Study