New Publications May 2023

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Energy Security of Georgia As a Compiler of Geo-Economics (Hydropower Context) 

Economic Factor of Implementation of New Public Management in Georgia (Municipality Infrastructure Context)

Regional Economic Development Divergence Research in Georgia by PCA Method

Challenges in Economic Development of Self-Governing Cities of Georgia  

What Makes Social Movements Successful: the Case of Gudiashvili Square 

Far Right Political Stances: the Same Trend in Georgia? 

Social Science Knowledge Commercialization: the Case Study of Social Sciences At Tbilisi State University

Mainstreaming the Right-Wing Radicalism and Extremism: Basic Approaches and Perceptions from Georgian Academia

Liberal‐Democratic Values and Secondary School: the Case of Georgia 

Education Policy Transfer and Policy Change: Examining the Case of the National Assessment and Examination Center of Georgia

What Makes Education Policy Transfer Successful? the Case of the National Assessment and Examination Center of Georgia

National Narration and Politics of Memory in Post-Socialist Georgia

Tbilisi Urban Social Movements: on the Verge of Success/Failure

HLA in Georgians (Caucasus) and Their Relationship With Eastern Mediterraneans 

Origin of Azeris (Iran) According to HLA Genes 

Genetic HLA Study of Kurds in Iraq, Iran and Tbilisi (Caucasus, Georgia): Relatedness and Medical Implications 

HLA Genetic Study in Iran Saqqez-Baneh Kurds: No Genetic Trace of Aryan Invasions in Anatolian Turks and Kurds Is Found

HLA Alleles and Haplotypes in Iran Tabriz Azeris Population: Genes and Languages Do Not Correlate

Class II HLA in Georgia Caucasus Tbilisi Georgians and Their Mediterranean Ancestry: The Usko Mediterranean Languages

Terrain Morphometry and Soil Erosion Topographic Factor (LS) in Upper Alazani Basin (Georgia) 

Impact of COVID-19 on Tourism in Georgia-an Overview

German Toponyms in Georgia 

Two Years of Pandemic (Georgian Perspectives)

Tbilisi Through Time 

Machine-Learning Based Modelling of Air Temperature in the Complex Environment of Yerevan City, Armenia 

The Record of Ametropus fragilis Albarda, 1878 (Ephemeroptera, Ametropodidae) from Georgia

The First DNA-Assisted Record of Hemelytroblatta livida (Blattodea: Corydiidae) from Georgia With Notes on Corydiinae Species Composition in the Caucasus