New Publications May 2022

Can't head to the SNC-mt website this weekend? You can read about them now... Have a browse of this list of new publications from across the Caucasus mountain research community!

Why Oil Price Fall Is Bad News for Azerbaijan 

Different Meanings of the October 2013 Presidential Elections in Azerbaijan: Elites, Opposition, and Citizens 

Oil and Regime Stability in Azerbaijan 

Oil and Political Stability in Azerbaijan: the Role of Policy Learning 

Azerbaijan: Regime Origins and Consolidation 

Oil Wealth, Patrimonialism, and the Failure of Democracy in Azerbaijan 

Post-Soviet Azerbaijan: Transition to Sultanistic Semiauthoritarianism? An Attempt At Conceptualization 

Divide and Co-Opt: Government-Opposition Relations in Azerbaijan in the Wake of COVID-19 

Why Are Azerbaijanis Fighting for Karabakh? The Trauma and Burden of the Forgotten Exodus 

The End of the "Nagorno-Karabakh" Region? 

Azerbaijan's Social Policy Response to Covid-19: Swift Response, Modest Benefits 

OSCE Mediation Strategies in Eastern Ukraine and Nagorno-Karabakh: a Comparative Analysis 

Azerbaijani-Russian Relations: Transactional Diplomacy in Action 

Political Institutional Trust in the Post-Attempted-Coup Republic of Armenia 

Convergence Through Mobile Peer-to-Peer File Sharing in the Republic of Armenia 

The Roles of Communication and Trust in Reported Compliance With Police in Armenia and the United States 

ICT Diffusion in the Republic of Armenia 

Transnational Families in Armenia and Information Communication Technology Use 

The Challenges of Electoral Competition in An Oil Rich State: Azerbaijani Pre-Election Report 

No Laughing Matter Humor As a Means of Dissent in the Digital Era: the Case of Authoritarian Azerbaijan 

Two Can Play At That Game: Social Media Opportunities in Azerbaijan for Government and Opposition 

The Language Divide — the Persistence of English Proficiency As a Gateway to the Internet: the Cases of Armenia, Azerbaijan, & Georgia 

The Effect of the Internet on Civic Engagement Under Authoritarianism: the Case of Azerbaijan 

The Best Defense Is a Good Offense: the Role of Social Media in the Current Crackdown in Azerbaijan 

The Affordances of Social Networking Sites for Relational Maintenance in a Distrustful Society: the Case of Azerbaijan