New Publications May 2021

Welcome to our May 2021 round-up of new publications! The online platform of SNC-mt is constantly updated with scientific publications, articles, chapters, books, relevant to the Caucasus region that you won’t want to miss this month. 

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The North Caucasus Region As a Blind Spot in the “European Green Deal”: Energy Supply Security and Energy Superpower Russia 
The Impact of Russian Intervention in Post-Soviet Secessionist Conflict in the South Caucasus on Russian Geo-energy Interests 
Multi-sensor Remote Sensing to Map Glacier Debris Cover in the Greater Caucasus, Georgia
Renewable Energy in the South Caucasus
The Reality of Environmental Cooperation and the Convention on the Legal Status of the Caspian Sea
Conflict, Cooperation or Competition in the Caspian Sea Region: a Critical Review of the New Great Game Paradigm 
The Changing Geopolitics of Energy Infrastructure in the Caspian Sea Region 
Great Game Visions and the Reality of Cooperation Around Post-Soviet Transnational Infrastructure Projects in the Caspian Sea Region 
The 87sr/86sr Record of Early Cretaceous (Barremian–albian) Marine Invertebrates: First Evidence from the Caucasus - Palaeoenvironmental Implications 
The Stable O- and C-isotope Record of Fossils from the Upper Barremian–lower Albian of the Caucasus — Palaeoenvironmental Implications 
Cryptic Refugee on the Northern Slope of the Greater Caucasian Ridge: Discovery of niphargus (Crustacea: Amphipoda: Niphargidae) in the North Ossetia–Alania, North Caucasus, Separated from Its Relatives in the Late Miocene 
Using Modern Technology to Protect Vineyards from Hail Amid Climate Change 
The Characteristics of Extreme Maximum Runoff of the Rivers of Armenia in the Context of Global Climate Change 
Dendrochronological Potential of Drought-sensitive Tree Stands in Armenia for the Hydroclimate Reconstruction of the Lesser Caucasus
Spatial-temporal Trends Analysis of Flood Events in the Republic of Armenia in the Context of Climate Change
Long Term Variability of Annual Precipitation in Armenia in the Context of Changing Climate 
The Temperature and Precipitation Changes Estimated By Precis Model for the Next 100 Years in the Republic of Armenia As a Result of Climate Change
New Perspective Reza Gold Deposit (Gedabek Ore District, Lesser Caucasus, Azerbaijan) 
Geochemical Anomalies in the NW Flank of Gedabek Mine (Lesser Caucasus, Azerbaijan) 
Active Deformation and Plio-Pleistocene Fluvial Reorganization of the Western Kura Fold–thrust Belt, Georgia: Implications for the Evolution of the Greater Caucasus Mountains 
Spatial Investigation of Technological Choice and Recycling in Copper-base Metallurgy of the South Caucasus 
Genesis of the Gedabek Au-Ag-Cu Deposit (Azerbaijan) in the Lesser Caucasus: Insights from Geochemistry, Fluid Inclusion, and Sulfur Isotope 
Mineralogical and Ore Petrographic Comparison of Gedabey and Gadir Deposits in Gedabey Region (Western Azerbaijan) 
Preliminary Geological and Mineralogical Features of Gedabek (Western Azerbaijan) Au-cu Deposit 
Additional Data of Several Diptera Families from Georgia and Azerbaijan
Structural Inversion of Back-Arc Basins–the Neogene Adjara-Trialeti Fold-and-thrust Belt (SW Georgia) As a Far-field Effect of the Arabia-Eurasia Collision 
Finding of Nile Tilapia Oreochromis Niloticus (Cichliformes: Cichlidae) in Georgia, the South Caucasus 
Evaluation of the Potential Establishment of Black-striped Pipefish Transferred Bicultural Drivers 
Current Data on Biodiversity of the River Natanebi Ichthyofauna and Water Pollution 
Complete Genome Sequence of Sinorhizobium Meliloti S35m, a Salt-tolerant Isolate from Alfalfa Rhizosphere in Soil Native to the Caucasus Region 
Resistance of Winter Wheat Varieties to Tan Spot in the North Caucasus region of Russia
Impact of Regional Development of Aras Free Zone on Geoeconomic Position of South Caucasus
Potato Selection Achievements in the Central Caucasus
Paleoecology, Biochronology, and Paleobiogeography of Eurasian Rhinocerotidae During the Early Pleistocene: the Contribution of the Fossil Material from Dmanisi (Georgia, Southern Caucasus) 
Essay on the History of Study of Forests of the Central Ciscaucasia