New Publications 15-31 March 2024

Here is our monthly update of new publications from across the mountain research community. Check it out! 


Vegetational Patterns and Distribution of Relict Taxa in Humid Temperate Forests and Wetlands of Georgia (Transcaucasia)

Distribution of the Dice Snake (Natrix tessellata) in Georgia (Transcaucasia) and Comparative Notes on the Genus Natrix

Study of Freshwater Pond Taxa Marsilea quadrifolia & Salvinia natans in Kolkheti Lowland Black Sea Coastline

First Description and Conservation Implications of a Unique Stand of the Caucasian Wingnut in Lapankuri (Georgia)

A Direct Comparison of the Radial Growth Response to Drought of European Beech and Oriental Beech Clusters from the Greater Caucasus and Turkish Black Sea Coast

Arsenic in Surface Waters in the Central Part of the North Caucasus and Correspondent Health Risk Assessment

The First Record of Hemineura wittmeri Badonnel, 1981 (Psocodea, Psocomorpha, Elipsocidae) from the Caucasus

First Barcode-Assisted Annotated Checklist of Owlflies (Neuroptera, Myrmeleontidae, Ascalaphidae) of Georgia With the First Record of Genus Deleproctophylla Lefèbvre, 1842

The First Record of Ripiphoridae (Coleoptera, Cucujiformia, Tenebrionoidea) Family in Georgia

Integrated Study on the Base of the Coniacian Stage in the Caucasus

Predicting Soil Properties for Agricultural Land in the Caucasus Mountains Using Mid-Infrared Spectroscopy

Structural-Genetic Characteristics of Landscapes of the Southeastern Slope of the Great Caucasus and Study of Their Modern State

Eocene High-K Magmatic Flare-up in a Context of South Dipping Subduction and Strike-slip Tectonics: Insights from the Talysh Massif, NW Iran

Western Caucasus Regional Hydroclimate Controlled By Cold-Season Temperature Variability Since the Last Glacial Maximum

Taxonomy of Diamesa steinboecki Group (Diptera: Chironomidae: Diamesinae), With Description and DNA Barcoding of New Species. I. Subgroups steinboecki and longipes

Chironomids Are Commensals of the Larvae and Pupae of Blephariceridae and Simuliidae from the North Caucasus (Diptera: Chironomidae: Orthocladiinae)