New Publications March 2023

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Implementation and Evaluation of a Syringe Vending Machine Trial in Tbilisi, Georgia 

Multiple Transformations, Coordination and Public Goods. Tbilisi and the Search for Planning As Collective Strategy 

Private Higher Education in Georgia 

Data-Driven Analysis for Evidence-Based Decision Making At Universities: Benchmarking, Software Tools and Weighted Indicators in Quality Assurance – Analytical Framework of Tbilisi State University 

Caucasian Clover Is More Productive Than White Clover in Temperate Pastures 

Long Wavelength Progressive Plateau Uplift in Eastern Anatolia Since 20 Ma: Implications for the Role of Slab Peel Back and Break Off 

Crustal Density Structure of the Northwestern Iranian Plateau 

Geodynamics of the Central Tethyan Belt Revisited: Inferences from Crustal Magnetization in the Anatolia‐Caucasus‐Black Sea Region 

Soils of Ancient Agricultural Terraces of the Eastern Caucasus 

Water Bugs (Heteroptera: Gerromorpha, Nepomorpha) of the Caucasus Ecoregion 

The Archaeobotany of Qaratepe, Azerbaijan 2nd–13th Century 

Assessing the Role of Invasive Weeds in the Impact of Successional Habitats on the Bird Assemblage in Overgrowing Agriculture 

Ecological Problems Associated With Land Cover in the Great Caucasus and Important Aspects for Efficient Use 

Environmental Dynamics, Population History and the Terraced Agro-Landscapes of Mountainous Dagestan 

Reconstruction of Vegetation and Climate of the Past of the Central Caucasus for Materials from the Tarskoe Swamp 

67. Tarskoe Swamp, Central Caucasus (North Ossetia, Russia) 

How Is the Processing and Marketing Situation of Non-Wood Forest Products in Arasbaran Forests, Iran? 

Impact of Long and Short-Term Conservation Periods on Structure of English Yew (Taxus baccata L.) in Arasbaran Forests, Iran 

The Economic and Biological Benefits of Non-Wood Forest Products to Local Communities in Iran 

Population Structure and Regeneration Status of Woody Plants in Relation to the Human Interventions, Arasbaran Biosphere Reserve, Iran 

Fuelwood Harvest and No Harvest Effects on Forest Composition, Structure, and Diversity of Arasbaran Forests—a Case Study 

Vegetation and Forest Complexity Analysis of the Caucasian Grouse (Lyrurus mlokosiewiczi) Habitats in the Lesser Caucasus Mountain 

Colonialism Versus Independence—the Role of Entrepreneurial Ecosystems in Azerbaijan Over Time 

An Analysis of the Migration of Cities to the Center of the Province; Causes and Trends (Case Study: West Azerbaijan Province) 

OAGB With Shortened Excluded Ileal Loop As An Effective Treatment for Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in the Cases of Caucasian Men and Women With Obesity of the First Degree (BMI 30–35 kg/m)