New Publications 16-30 June 2024

Sustainable Development of the Tourism Industry in Azerbaijan

Balancing Between Russia and the West: the Hard Security Choice of Armenia

The Development of Accommodation Facilities and the Cost of Land (Based on the Example of Batumi)

An Assessment of Tourism Competitiveness: a Comparative Analysis of Georgia and Neighboring Countries

Post-Pandemic Perspectives on Sustainable Development of International Tourism in Georgia

Investment Opportunities in Tourist Accommodation Facilities: a Case Study for Batumi

Segment-Centric Geo-Competitive Environment of a Tourism Destination (a Case of Georgia)

Clustering the Problems of Sustainable Tourism Development in a Destination: Tsaghveri Resort as A Case

Rural Tourism in Georgia in Transition: Challenges for Regional Sustainability

Balancing Development and Conservation Needs of Stakeholders in the Tusheti Protected Landscape

UNESCO s Education for Sustainable Development Framework and the Reality of University-Community Cooperation in the Caucasus Mountain Region

Issues With Applying the Concept of Community-Based Tourism in the Caucasus

The Hostas Labyrinth on the Black Sea Shore: A Case Study of Selling Geosites to the Lay Public

Aesthetic Value of Colluvial Blocks in Geosite-BasedTourist Destinations: Evidence from SW Russia

The Human Imprint on the Unique Geological Landscape of the Western Caucasus

Geoheritage Value of Three Localities from Kislovodsk in the Southern Central Ciscaucasus: a Resource of Large Resort Area

Temporal Outline of Geological Heritage Sites in the Western Caucasus

Evaluation of Milk Yield of Three-Breed (1/4 Caucasian Grey X 1/4 Jersey X 1/2 Holstein) Genotype Cows Under Conditions of Manger-Pasture Keeping

Head Shape Divergence Between Parthenogenetic and Their Paternal Bisexual Rock Lizards in Sympatry

The Main Characteristics of the Application of Perennial Herbs and Mineral Fertilizers in Increasing the Fertility of Eroded Gray-Brown Soils in the Mountainous Shirvan