New Publications June 2022

Looking for some reading, look no further than our list of new publications on the SNC-mt website from across the Caucasus mountain research community.

Surveys for Halyomorpha halys (Stål) (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae) and Its Biocontrol Potential By Parasitic Wasps in the Republic of Georgia (Sakartvelo) 

New Monoctenus Dahlbom, 1835 (Hymenoptera: Symphyta) Species from Georgia 

Updated Annotated Checklist of Insects from Lagodekhi Protected Areas, Sakartvelo (Georgia) 

Ceraphronidae, Diapriidae, Megaspilidae, Platygastridae, Proctotrupidae, Scelionidae, Parasitic Wasps, South Caucasus 

Linking Leaf Functional Traits With Plant Resource Utilization Strategy in An Evergreen Scrub Species Rhododendron caucasicum Pall. Along Longitudinal Gradient in Georgia (the South Caucasus) 

Paleozoic Xenoliths in Eocene Plutons: the Evidence for the Destruction of Pre-Jurassic Crystalline Basement Beneath Adjara-Trialeti Belt, Lesser Caucasus 

The First Data on U-Th Mineralization in the Shkhara Paleozoic Crystalline Massif, the Greater Caucasus 

The Discovery of U Mineralization in the Late Variscan Plagiogranite Vein of the Shkhara Crystalline Massif (Greater Caucasus, Georgia) 

Participatory Policy Review: "Supportive Tourism" Concept for Hand-in-Hand Rural and Mountain Development 

Transformation of Family-Based Entrepreneurial Activities in Rural Areas: View Angle from Human Capital 

Park-People Interaction in Mountainous Georgia: the Case of Kazbegi National Park 

The Rise of Guesthouse Tourism in the Greater Caucasus and the Effects of the COVID Pandemic. the Example of Lagodekhi Town and Its Protected Area, Georgia 

Azerbaijan’s Economic Model and Its Development Since Independence 

The Azerbaijan Producers Survey: Dutch Disease and Financial Crisis 

Existing Pension System and Reforms in Azerbaijan Republic 

The Shadow Economy in Azerbaijan: Size and Causes 

Oil and Gas Revenue Management in Azerbaijan 

Problems of Fiscal Equalization and Decentralization of Local Governments in Azerbaijan 

Financial Inclusion, Financial Literacy, and Financial Education in Azerbaijan 

CSOs Policy in Trying Times: Lessons Learned from Azerbaijan