New Publications June 2022

Looking for some reading on the SNC-mt website, it is just in time for your weekend. Look through our list of new publications from across the  Caucasus mountain research community!

What Has Azerbaijan Gained from ACG? 

Higher Education System of Azerbaijan: Country Report 

The Current State of the Pension System in Azerbaijan: Challenges and Prospects 

Why Azerbaijan Won 

Retrospective and Perspective View of the Next Stage of Privatization in Azerbaijan 

Results and Expectations from the Economy of Azerbaijan 

Comparison of Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan: Similarities and Differences 

A Retrospective Analysis of the Azerbaijani Economy During 30 Years of Independence 

Oil Dependence of Post-Soviet Countries in the Caspian Sea Region : the Case of Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan 

Dutch Disease Perspective on Vegetable Exports in the Azerbaijan Economy 

The Impact of Oil Price Shocks on Oil-Dependent Countries’ Currencies: the Case of Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan 

Performance Evaluation of the Fruit and Vegetable Subsectors in the Azerbaijani Economy: a Combinatorial Analysis Using Regression and Principal Component Analysis 

Exploring the Innovativeness of the South Caucasus Economies: Main Trends and Factors 

Textile and Chemical Subsectors in the Azerbaijani Economy: a Descriptive Glance At Possible De-Industrialization 

A Comparison of Institutional Quality in the South Caucasus: Focus on Azerbaijan 

Economic Growth of the Republic of Armenia Versus Caucasus Region During the Period 2017–2019: a Case Study 

Macrozoobenthos of Shamkirchay River Under New Environmental Circumstances (Republic of Azerbaijan) 

Assessing the Climate Change Effects on the Distribution Pattern of the Azerbaijan Mountain Newt (Neurergus crocatus) 

The Prevalence of and Major Risk Factors Associated With Diabetic Retinopathy in Gegharkunik Province of Armenia: Cross-sectional Study 

Visual Impairment and Associated Risk Factors in Patients With Diabetes Mellitus in Tavush and Armavir Provinces of Armenia