New Publications July 2022

July is here and we've got a fresh list of publications on the SNC-mt platform from across the Caucasus mountain research community. Happy reading. 

Eastern Micoquian Workshops on Raw Material Sources on the North-Western Caucasus: Preliminary Results 

Impact of Climatic Stresses and Volcanism on the Tendencies of the Cultural Process in the North Caucasus During the Late Pleistocene 

Dynamics of Climate and Human Settlement During the Middle and Upper Paleolithic in the Northwestern Caucasus 

The Stone Industry Transformations At the Edge of Pleistocene and Holocene: Evidence from the North-Western and North-Central Caucasus 

The Terminal Pleistocene – Early Holocene Cultural Continuity in the North-Central Caucasus: Evidence from Psytuaje Rockshelter in the Region Context 

Female Burial from Doghlauri: for the Chronology of Late Bronze Age Caucasus 

Middle Pleistocene Environments, Landscapes and Tephrostratigraphy of the Armenian Highlands: Evidence from Bird Farm 1, Hrazdan Valley

German Settlements and the Presence of German Communities in the South Caucasus 

Who Owns Sturgeon in the Caspian? New Theoretical Model of Social Responses Towards State Conservation Policy 

Assessment of the Sturgeon Catches and Seal Bycatches in An IUU Fishery in the Caspian Sea 

Demographic Effects of Deportation: Seeking the Causes of High Fertility Rates in the North Caucasus, Russia 

Present-Day Dynamics of Flood Hazard Characteristics in Rivers in the North Caucasus, Russia 

The Age, Petrological-Geochemical Characteristics, and Origin of Igneous Rocks of the Middle Jurassic Khulam Volcano-Plutonic Complex, North Caucasus 

The Genesis, Transportation and Accumulation of the Bed Drift of Mountain Rivers 

Modern Method of Analysis of the Factors of Catastrophic Floods on the Caucasus Mountain Rivers 

China's Interests in the Industrialization of the South Caucasus: Comparative Analysis of Labor Productivity in the Manufacturing Sector 

Low Variability Runoff Inhibits Coupling of Climate, Tectonics, and Topography in the Greater Caucasus 

Fortified Communities in the South Caucasus: Insights from Mtsvane Gora and Dmanisis Gora 

On the Spiders (Arachnida: Aranei) from Armenia 

Scale Insects (Hemiptera: Coccomorpha) on Apple and Neighbouring Plants in Eastern Georgia (Sakartvelo) 

Checklist of Leaf Beetles (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) from Sakartvelo 

The Ichneumonid Fauna (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae) of Lagodekhi Reserve, Sakartvelo (Georgia), With Descriptions of Four New Species 

New Records of Ichneumonidae from Northwestern Sakartvelo (Georgia), With Additions to the Fauna of Lagodekhi Reserve