New Publications February 2023

Just in time for the coming weekend, check the latest list of publications on the SNC-mt website from across the Caucasus Mountain research community.

Have a browse and enjoy your reading!

The Trouts of the Upper Kura and Aras Rivers in Turkey, With Description of Three  New Species (Teleostei: Salmonidae) 

New record of Chaetophiloscia hastata Verhoeff, 1928 for Georgia (Isopoda, Oniscidea, Philosciidae) 

Illuminating Traces of An Achaemenid's Monumental Complex in the Southern Caucasus By Electrical Resistivity Tomography 

Modern Challenges: the Socio-Political Issues of Introducing Professional and Practice in Doctoral Education in the Emerging Economy of Georgia 

A Study Into Georgian Universities’ Approach to the National Standards of Quality for Teaching and Learning 

Quality Assurance of Higher Education in the South Caucasus 

Busines Risk Management Pecularities in Georgia 

Prospects for the Formation of the Transport and Logistics Hub of Georgia 

The Wolf from Dmanisi and Augmented Reality: Review, Implications, and Opportunities 

The Bears from Dmanisi and the First Dispersal of Early Homo Out of Africa 

The Dmanisi Equus: Systematics, Biogeography, and Paleoecology 

Tracking the History of Grape Cultivation in Georgia Combining Geometric Morphometrics and Ancient DNA 

Introduction to Special Issue: the Biotic Context of the Early Pleistocene Hominins from Dmanisi (Georgia, Southern Caucasus) 

The Efficiency of Using Synthesized Fertilizers Via Foliar Feeding and Drip Irrigation in Various Soil and Climatic Zones of the Republic of Armenia 

The Effect of Organo-Mineral Fertilizers, Zeolite and Different Soil Tillage Methods on the Growth, Development and Yield Capacity of Winter Wheat in Conditions of Hrazdan Province 

Evaluation and Improvement Ways of Ecological State in Agroecosystems of Voghjaberd Community 

Assessment of Ecological Condition of Kosh Stone Pit Adjacent Agro - Cenoses and the Improvement Measures 

The Serological Response in Cattle Following Administration of a Heterologous Sheep Pox Virus Strain Vaccine for Protection from Lumpy Skin Disease; Current Situation in Armenia 

Survey Results of Sanitary-Hygienic Conditions and Landscaping of Urban Forest Parks in the Republic of Armenia (RA) 

Assessment of Ecological and Toxicological State of Soils and Waters in the Neighborhood of Mining Industry Enterprises in the Armenian Highlands 

Evolution of Ore-Forming Fluids in the Sarilar Gold-Bearing Silicic Veins: Evidence from Fluid Inclusions and Sulphur Stable Isotopes Studies, East-Azarbaijan, NW of Iran 

Evolution of the Gold (Copper) Mineralization in the Porphyry Stock and the Related Skarn Zones and Epithermal Veins in the Astarghan Area, NW Iran: Evidence from Fluid Inclusion, Mineral Chemistry and Sulfur Isotope Analyses 

Gold and Silver in Ores of Kadjaran Copper-Porphyry Deposit (Southern Armenia)