New Publications December 2022

We've got a fresh list of publications on the SNC-mt website from across the Caucasus Mountain research community     
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Study of Genetic Diversity of Dagestan Mountain Cattle Based on STR-Markers 

Investigation of the Genetic Diversity of Dagestan Mountain Cattle Using STR-Markers 

Population Genetic Structure and Dispersal Patterns of Grey Wolf (Canis lupus) and Golden Jackal (Canis aureus) in Georgia, the Caucasus 

Genotypic Similarities Among the Parthenogenetic Darevskia Rock Lizards With Different Hybrid Origins 

Reproductive Effort of Unisexual and Bisexual Rock Lizards (Genus Darevskia) 

Rare But Not Gone: a Relict Population of the Black Sea Ship Sturgeon Acipenser nudiventris Persists in the Rioni River, Georgia 

Feeding Activity of Lesser Kestrel Parents During Different Periods Of Breeding Season in Gorayk Colony 

Antlions (Neuroptera, Myrmeleontidae) Along the North Caspian Shore; Distributional Analysis and Zoogeographical Division of Caspian Coast of Russia

Contribution to the Knowledge of Antlions of the Genus Euroleon Esben-Petersen, 1918 (Neuroptera: Myrmeleontidae) With New Records and Synonymy 

New Faunistic Records of Myrmeleontoid lacewings (Neuroptera: Myrmeleontidae, Ascalaphidae, Nemopteridae) in Armenia 

First Records of the Rare Antlion Dendroleon pantherinus (Fabricius, 1787) (Neuroptera: Myrmeleontidae) from Armenia 

The First Record of the Genus of the Family Araneidae: (Scopoli, 1772) and (Pallas, 1772) in Armenia 

Daily Activities of Parthenogenetic Darevkia rostombekowi Species 

Status of Large Herbivores in the Caucasus 

About Extinction Alarm Situation for Two Species of Lizards in Ararat Valley of Armenia 

The Wild Goats and Sheep of the Caucasus – Conservation in These Remote Mountain Biodiversity Hotspots Remains a Challenge 

The "Emerald" Network in the Republic of Armenia 

Comparative Staining of Rhinolophus spp. White Blood Cells in Blood Smears 

On the Aspen (Populus tremula) Forests in Armenia 

New Data on Rare Species Grossheimia ahverdovii (Asteraceae) in Armenia 

Wild Pears of Armenia: Diversity, Endemics and Conservation 

The Geographic Distribution of Turtles in Armenia and the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic (Artsakh) 

A Skeletochronological Study of Parthenogenetic Lizards of Genus Darevskia from Turkey 

Ecomorphology of Tortoises (Testudo graeca Complex) from the Araks River Valley 

Rediscovery of Chernov’s Skink (Ablepharus chernovi Darevsky, 1953) in Armenia 

Evolution of Parthenogenetic Reproduction in Caucasian Rock Lizards: a Review