New Publications August 2022

It's Monday and we've got a fresh list of publications on the SNC-mt website from across the Caucasus mountain research community. Happy reading!

The Armed Conflict in Nagorno–Karabakh: Case Between Armenia and Azerbaijan 

Prospects for the Latest Rapprochement Attempt Between Turkey and Armenia 

Towards An “Uncivil” Society? Informality and Civil Society in Georgia 

Velvet Revolution in Armenia and Its Influence on State Policy: Selected Aspects 

Armenia's Domestic Policy After the Velvet Revolution: Selected Issues 

Armenian Foreign Policy in the Wake of the Velvet Revolution 

The 2020 Autumn War in Nagorno-Karabakh: Course and Implications for the Strategic Balance of Power in the South Caucasus Region 

Patron-Client Relations in the Post-Soviet Area in the 21st Century-the Case Study of Armenia and the Nagorno-karabakh Republic 

Building the West’s On-Ramp to China’s Belt and Road: Opportunities in the South Caucasus 

Interests of Foreign Countries in the Regions of Georgia Populated By Ethnic Minorities and Their Impact on Demographic Situation and Stability in the South Caucasus 

Analysis of the Dynamics of Economic Development of the South Caucasus Countries and Their Impact on National Security Policy Planning

Gurzhiite, Al (UO2)(SO4)2F⋅10H2O a New Uranyl Sulfate Mineral With a Chain Structure from the Bykogorskoe Deposit, Northern Caucasus, Russia 

New Early Cretaceous Geosites With Palaeogeographical Value from the Northwestern Caucasus 

Deciphering the Tectonics of the Greater Caucasus from Post-Collisional Volcanism 

Quaternary Collision-Zone Magmatism of the Greater Caucasus 

Geology and Palaeoenvironment of Karin Tak Cave (Lesser Caucasus) 

Palaeoecological Reconstructions of the Middle to Late Pleistocene Occupations in the Southern Caucasus Using Rodent Assemblages 

Preliminary Report of Newly Rediscovered Rock Art Site Damirgaya, Southern Georgia 

New Prehistoric Rock Art from the Caucasus? Results of the Study of the Damirgaya Rock Shelter in Georgia 

History of Establishment and Development of Relations Between the South Caucasus and the EU 

Chemical Composition of Fruits of a Feijoa (F. sellowiana) in the Conditions of Subtropics of Russia 

Comparative Analysis of Photosynthetic Indicators in Freesia Hybrids on the Black Sea Coast of Krasnodar Region 

Influence of Fertilizers on the Productivity of Tea Plants in the Conditions of the North-West Caucasus