New Publications 1-15 April 2024

Just in time for your weekend - check out our latest list of publications on the SNC-mt website from across the Caucasus Mountain research community updated for you bi-monthly! Enjoy reading!

The Smallest Late Miocene Phocine from the Southern Caucasus and the Eastern Paratethys Seal Community Crisis

How and When Glacial Runoff Is Important: Tracing Dynamics of Meltwater and Rainfall Contribution to River Runoff from Headwaters to Lowland in the Caucasus Mountains

Recent Mass Balance Anomalies on the Djankuat Glacier, Northern Caucasus

Paleomagnetism of the Jurassic Complex of the Southern Slope of the Scythian Platform (Tahirjalchay Basin, Azerbaijan)

Energy Transition Policy and Forest Protection in the Republic of Mali and Azerbaijan: Analysis of Potentialities and Assets for Sustainable Development

A Study on the Desertification of Kura Depression Landscapes

Anthropogenic Impacts on Ajinohur Arid Forests of Azerbaijan

The Attitude of Species of the Genus Pyrus L of the Northeastern Part of the Greater Caucasus to Abiotic Factors Under Ex Situ Condition

Exploring the Impact of Abiotic Factors on Pyrus L. Species in Ex Situ Environments Within the Greater Caucasus Region

Comparative Study of Pollen Morphology and Fertility in Pyrus L. Species Under In Situ and Ex Situ Conditions in Greater Caucasus, Azerbaijan

Taxonomic Revision of Phoxinus Minnows (Leuciscidae) from Caucasus, With Description of a New Narrow-Ranged Endemic Species

On the Earliest Leptosphinctes (Ammonoidea: Perisphinctidae) from the Upper Bajocian Niortense Zone (Middle Jurassic) of the Northern Caucasus

An Exceptionally Large Lower Jaw of Lytoceratoidea from the Upper Bajocian of the Northern Caucasus

On the First Record of Infragarantiana (Ammonoidea: Perisphinctidae) from the Upper Bajocian Niortense Zone (Middle Jurassic) of the Northern Caucasus, Russia

Ammonites and Stratigraphy of the Upper Bajocian Strenoceras Niortense Zone in the Interfluve Between the Kuban and Urup Rivers (Northern Caucasus)

On the Earliest Parkinsonia (Ammonoidea: Parkinsoniidae) from the Upper Bajocian (Middle Jurassic) of the Northern Caucasus, Russia

Microfauna, Palynomorphs, and Biostratigraphy of the Upper Bajocian Garantiana Garantiana Zone (Middle Jurassic) of the Bolshoi Zelenchuk River Basin, North Caucasus

From Jurassic Rifting to Cretaceous Subduction in NW Iranian Azerbaijan: Geochronological and Geochemical Signals from Granitoids

Zircon U-Pb Geochronology and Geochemistry of Late Devonian–Carboniferous Granitoids in NW Iran: Implications for the Opening of Paleo-Tethys

The Siah Cheshmeh-Khoy-Misho-Tabriz Fault (NW Iran) Is a Cryptic Neotethys Suture: Evidence from Detrital Zircon Geochronology, Hf Isotopes, and Provenance Analysis

Influence of Dyke-Type Causeway on Urmia Lake (NW Iran); Insights from Water Physico-Chemical Parameters Seasonal (2019) Changes

Tectonics, Base-Level Fluctuations, and Climate Impact on the Eocene to Present-Day Erosional Pattern of the Arabia-Eurasia Collision Zone (NNW Iranian Plateau and West Alborz Mountains)

Landscape Evolution in Orogenic Plateaus: Insights from Quantitative Morphotectonic Analysis of the Turkish–Iranian Plateau and Caucasus Regions

Genetic Lineages of Parisotoma notabilis Sensu Lato (Collembola) in Eastern Europe and the Caucasus