New Publications April 2022

Have a browse this list of interesting new publications from the Caucasus mountain research community on the SNC-mt website.

The Influence of Social Media Discussion on Son Preference in Azerbaijan: Reinforcing Norms, Bargaining With Patriarchy, Space for Dissent 

The Monitoring of Francisella tularensis in Surface Water of East Azerbaijan Province, Iran 

Identification and Molecular Characterization of Brucella abortus and Brucella melitensis Isolated from Milk in Cattle in Azerbaijan 

Village, Fortress, and Town in Bronze and Iron Age Southern Caucasia: a Preliminary Report on the 2003-2006 Investigations of Project ArAGATS on the Tsaghkahovit Plain, Republic of Armenia 

A History of Archaeology in the Republic of Armenia 

Exchange Patterns, Boundary Formation, and Sociopolitical Change in Late Bronze Age Southern Caucasia: Preliminary Results from a Pottery Provenance Study in Northwestern Armenia 

Magnetic Survey in the Investigation of Sociopolitical Change At a Late Bronze Age Fortress Settlement in Northwestern Armenia 

Geophysical Survey At Late Bronze Age Fortresses: Comparing Methods in the Diverse Geological Contexts of Armenia 

Progress, Problems, and Possibilities of GIS in the South Caucasus: An International Workshop Summary 

A New Chronological Model for the Bronze and Iron Age South Caucasus: Radiocarbon Results from Project ArAGATS, Armenia 

Using the ArcGIS Collector Mobile App for Settlement Survey Data Collection in Armenia 

Sovereignty, Mobility, and Political Cartographies in Late Bronze Age Southern Caucasia 

The Project ArAGATS Kasakh Valley Archaeological Survey, Armenia: Report of the 2014-2017 Seasons 

Risk Assessment of Potentially Toxic Trace Elements Via Consumption of Dairy Products Sold in the City of Yerevan, Armenia 

A Survey of Running Crab Spiders Philodromidae (Araneae) of Armenia 

Bone Tools from Getahovit-2 Cave Site (Armenia) 

The History of Western Integration of Georgia from Antiquity to the Present 

Bilateral Relations Between Georgia and China 

Social and Religious Inculturation of Health Care in the Roman Catholic Mission in Georgia 

An Analysis of the Polyphonic Georgian Folk Song “Maqruli” Performed By Machakheli Seniors’ Ensemble